University Project - "Fashion Since 1940"

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Jordy B

Jordy B.

United Kingdom

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So for the *drumroll* Extended Project Qualification */drumroll* i'm recreating looks from every decade since 1940, taking an awesome photo and turning it into the front cover of a magazine (so i'll have 7-8 separate covers). Accessories and makeup will also be taken into consideration.

Just wondering if anyone already has some really iconic looks from the decades (e.g. that black and white 60's shift dress, or 40's jacket and pleated skirt) or has any tips on recreating them.

Any help would be REALLY useful. I'm really excited to show people how it turned out. Thanks guys.

almost 8 years ago

Erin J.

Erin J.


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I really hope you'll share your finished product on Lookbook! This sounds like SUCH a cool project!

0 · August 13, 2010

Katrina S

Katrina S.

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1940's - simple clothing, elaborate hair and hats and stuff they were big into curls & red lipstick (because of the war they didn't have much money for super fancy clothes)
1950's - poodle skirts & saddle shoes
1960's - gogo boots! mini skirts & pillbox hats its when bikinis became a trend & capris & bellbottoms (hippie's) -- personal favorite time there was alot going on (important people as style icons brigitte bardot, audrey hepburn, cher. jackie kennedy, twiggy)
1970's - tie dye(continuation of hippy look from 60's), hot pants, platform shoes, high waisted pants, one piece swim suit (Farrah Fawcett), punk
1980's - power dress, aerobic style clothing (i.e. leggings & leotards ect.), madonna, michael jackson's thriller look, miami vice look was in also, track suits & doc martens became popular,acid wash & destroyed denim, raybans & the preppy look
you can find a lot of pictures on the internet

0 · August 15, 2010

Robin H

Robin H.

United Kingdom

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Punk and new wave for the 70's and 80's

0 · August 15, 2010

Jordy B

Jordy B.

United Kingdom

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it has since changed to fashion since 1940 and its cultural / commericial influences - such as world wars, popular music, the nation's economy etc. etc. so these things are EXACTLY what i need :)
just need the models now :/

0 · August 17, 2010


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