My art idea ... opinions / any other ideas appreciated

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Rachel Phillips

Rachel P.

THE 1950'S,
United Kingdom

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So it's my summer holidays, and I haven't been doing much and thought that I'd do an art piece before I go back to school and hopefully if it's good enough persuade my teacher to let me use the idea I have had in my head for a few days rather than my original GCSE art idea (pen/fineliner sketches of mainly faces).
I thought that it would be a cute idea to sketch and paint in watercolour 3 giant Chanel perfume bottles (No5, No19 etc) on a big canvas. What do you think of this idea and can you think of any better/similar ideas?

almost 8 years ago

Shiori Mine

Shiori M.


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Sounds nice for art to display in your room and home, commercial sounding in the sense. Although were you looking to do this for a school project or portfolio? Cause if so then your teacher might wanna see more creative thought or reasoning behind it.

ha I totally said I was gonna do an art project during my summer break and I never got to it! :(

0 · August 14, 2010


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