Short hair Vs Long hair on women

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Rose A

Rose A.

United Kingdom

364 posts

girls and boys, what do you think? have you had both, which did you prefer?

i've had very short hair, and verrry long hair, i have to say i definatley prefer long hair on myself. although i think its so attractive if women can pull off really short hair

9 years ago

C Rose

C R.


93 posts

i had uber long hair, and then i got it chopped off into a bob and i LOVED it. i honestly think short hair looks really stylish and it completes an outfit.. but the worst part was when it was growing out.

mine's shoulder-length now, i'd love to have it short again but at the same time i miss my long hair.

0 · June 16, 2009

Niamh .

Niamh ..


11 posts

i cut my hair reaaaally short last summer but its grown pretty quickly. i want super long hair now

0 · June 16, 2009

Danielle F

Danielle F.

United States

81 posts

short hair can look so good but the few times I've cut mine... I don't think it suits me, and I just missed my long hair too much. I always had that feeling like when you've forgotten your purse, or something. so no short hair for me, but that just makes me admire those who can pull it off more!

0 · June 16, 2009

Rose A

Rose A.

United Kingdom

364 posts

@Danielle F.

i feel exactly the same!

0 · June 17, 2009


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