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Randi Joan

Randi J.

United States

2397 posts

hey lookbook, how do you like it? :]

i'm going to be honest, other than iced tea i've only have one cup of tea in my life.

so at least here i'll get some ideas!

over 7 years ago

Ellis Dee

Ellis D.


7596 posts

Fucking Moonies....they manufacture excellent handguns as well.

Kahr Arms is owned by Justin Moon, Sun's son.

0 · August 22, 2010

Marin Monroe .

Marin Monroe ..

United Kingdom

3601 posts

Milk + two sugars

LOVE Earl Grey, peppermint, lemon + ginger, camomile, and I had some cranberry or raspberry and something or other tea the other day which was nice

0 · August 26, 2010

Alien Mystic

Alien M.

United States

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oh oh oho oh! Im obsessed with tea :) coffee as well, i have to have the two every day.
I love earl gray the most, the other day i had lavender earl gray and it was amazing, it was powerful and floral.
rose petal tea is also amazing, gun shot ( ibelieve the name?) is great, it's one of the strongest teas out there!
there is also this caramel vanilla, i thought it would be gross but its nice when you dont feel like having the strength of coffee

0 · August 28, 2010

Aurora .

Aurora ..


3740 posts

mint + brown sugar.
or one of many many other kinds with nothing in it.

0 · August 28, 2010

Selina M

Selina M.

United Kingdom

5695 posts

fresh mint tea, lemon tea, earl grey, green tea, jasmine tea etc etc etc. all with sugar and no milk. i love tea

0 · September 1, 2014

Selina M

Selina M.

United Kingdom

5695 posts

also does bubble tea count? i've been completely obsessed with it for a few weeks now (i make an exception for milk in this case)

0 · September 1, 2014


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