Latest things from forever21?

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Randi Joan

Randi J.

United States

2397 posts

how do you all feel about the things forever21 has been coming out with lately?
i used to really love the store, but i'm starting to find less and less things that i like there. it's hard because there's not many mall stores with cheap prices, or many stores where i'm at period. maybe this time last year i would've liked what they're putting out, but i feel like some of their stuff right now is almost "try-hard"-y.


almost 8 years ago

Meta Hillmann

Meta H.

United States

198 posts

i just ordered some stuff online, its arriving on thursday and im really excited.
and i still love the stuff there.

maybe the store you go to is just really small? because the one in San Francisco is HUGE so i can walk around for hours and not even see every single item, and i always find something in the end.
but it definitely has better months, where they sell better things.

0 · September 1, 2010


L S.

United Kingdom

499 posts

we dont have it over here in the uk, so when i was in NY in july i bought a red bag and a jumper. but out of the huge however many floored stored these were the only things i did really like, however i really liked the accessories.

0 · September 5, 2010

Holly Cheng

Holly C.

United States

71 posts

I never find anything good in the stores. I went to the newly opened one in Times Square which has like 4-5 floors and couldn't find a single thing :(

Sometimes I think they have nice skirts but when I try them on they always fit weird on me. Some of their accessories are nice though.

0 · September 5, 2010

Michelle Flores

Michelle F.

United States

324 posts

Last time I bought a skirt and it was really thin and felt like it would rip easily, I also gotten a necklace, but it fell apart. The clothes are pretty adorable, but the quality makes me think twice about it.

0 · September 5, 2010

Alexe G

Alexe G.


1912 posts

I don't know if it's the merchandise they carry in Montreal, but I never find anything there. I havn't bought a thing since it opened save a pair of cheap stud earrings because I was looking for a tiny pair.

0 · September 5, 2010


L S.

United Kingdom

499 posts

@Holly C.

yeah thats the one i went to, i couldn't find much:(

0 · September 5, 2010

Ana B

Ana B.

United States

145 posts

yeah, the same thing has happened to me, i used to love everything from there, but lately the clothes are looking cheapish and not very cute, shirts vomiting massive polyester ruffles dont look stylish or classy. and the last shirt i ordered online from them had sleeves which were two different lengths and a crooked hem, it seems like the quality of their clothes and designs isnt as good as it use to be

0 · September 5, 2010

Alyssa Dubois

Alyssa D.

United States

101 posts

Seriously, read this:
Ya might learn something. :)

0 · September 5, 2010

Jel M

Jel M.

United States

20 posts

for me forever21 has phases where they put out a whole bunch of stuff i like,and then they go for awhile without putting out anything that appeals to me. right now, the stuff thats currently on-line on their website, i haven't found much that appeals to a few months there probably will be lots of stuff i like.

0 · September 12, 2010

Randi Joan

Randi J.

United States

2397 posts

@Alyssa D.

this is really disspointing.

however i have to say, reading up on it, even and including h&m almost all mall stores have done bad things like this which really sucks.

but other than thrifting, where else am i going to find cheap clothes? i'm not advocating what they're doing, but i need alternatives then :[

0 · September 12, 2010

Amanda Paige

Amanda P.

United States

78 posts

I've recently discovered that their jeans fit me really well and are a lot cheaper than the ones I've been buying which is cool! I like Forever 21 because it's cheaper than most stores but still has cute things. And I agree they go through phases of having nice things and not. Generally I like shopping there.

0 · September 12, 2010

Abbie Marie

Abbie M.

United States

120 posts

@Randi J.

i have to agree with you 100%

0 · November 7, 2010

Rafita A

Rafita A.

United States

22 posts

I went to the one in Times Square recently and I actually found a couple sweaters that I liked. When I put them on.. they fit fine but what's that material on the inside? Not comfortable looking at all!

0 · November 8, 2010


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