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Randi  Butler

Randi B.

United States

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buy an item of clothing for great quality, that lasts a very long time, but is very expensive?

or buy the same item type of item, for extremely cheap, but the quality isn't exactly long lasting.

would you rather have a few nice, long lasting items? or lots of clothes but with less than average quality?

i'd have to argue i'd prefer the second option. i'm not a big follower of trends (but trends are very interesting to me, i'm always curious to what the latest one is and where it came from), but style comes and goes pretty quickly if you do. and also money isn't exactly something i have much of (if any).

what do you think?

over 4 years ago

Aurora .

Aurora ..


3744 posts

it depends on what it is. I'm really hard on some of the stuff I have and need things that will last. clothing would be #2. bags, jeans, outerwear would be #1

0 · September 27, 2010

Robin H

Robin H.

United Kingdom

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I shop at primark regularly, you can probably guess which option I'd choose.

0 · September 27, 2010

Dana Lee

Dana L.


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I agree. if the thing is a basic, then i'll do cheap and short-lasting. if it's a timeless trend thing, I'll get a really nice one.

0 · September 28, 2010

Karime Lopez

Karime L.

United States

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I disagree, if its a basic like jeans, coats, shirts [that i can take to work], skirts and slacks then i'd rather pay more and get quality.
But if its something that's in fashion now, like tights, tunics, or anything with sequins or Ed Hardy, whatever, i'd rather buy the replaceable brand. When else are they coming back, 20 years from now?

Look at the magazines, now we are going back to Mod and Louis Vuitton is doing 50's dresses now. I haven't really seen 60's or 70's come back, so, yeah, i'd rather pay more for something i'm going to use everyday and pay less for something i'm going to use for 2 years or less.

But if the item is of such poor quality that it really shows after 2 washes, then forget about it. There are limits.

0 · September 28, 2010

May A

May A.


970 posts

Most of my clothes are cheap. I have a few items whose price and quality are higher, but those are gifts from my mom. I like great quality clothing, but I just cannot afford it.

0 · September 28, 2010


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