Gaps in teeth?

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Randi Joan

Randi J.

United States

2397 posts

apparently this is some sort of new trend for models? people are getting their gaps put in their teeth.

i guess all those years of braces, headgear, and invisiline aren't worth it.

(well, not for me since we didn't have the money. i guess i'm fashionable now. not that i'd still want my stupid gap)

over 7 years ago

Randi Joan

Randi J.

United States

2397 posts

all this gapmania is so...weird.
i've hated my gap forever and now it's fashionable? still don't get it even now xD

0 · November 14, 2010

Michelle Flores

Michelle F.

United States

324 posts

All the males in my family have gap teeth and my dad and brother hate theirs. My little brother on the other hand, brags about how he has Brigitte Bardot or Lara Stone teeth...

0 · November 14, 2010

Samantha Merz

Samantha M.


274 posts

I got braces to get rid of gaps, but I think if you have some or a noticeable gap, then you can decide! :)

0 · November 14, 2010

Rochelle K-

Rochelle K.

United States

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Chelsey in this cycle's ANTM has a gap, and I think it suits her well.

I used to have a gap, but I got braces, so it's gone. I think I look terrible with a gap, soooo i'm happy with what my braces did hahah.

0 · November 15, 2010

Tommie Mason

Tommie M.

United Kingdom

100 posts

Vanessa Paradis looks great!

0 · November 15, 2010

Danie G..

Danie G.

United States

441 posts

I would kill to have my teeth perfectly aligned. Seeing models purposely give theselves gaps makes them look like utter and complete morons. Since when did jacked up teeth become trendy? It's news to me.

0 · November 15, 2010

Majken S

Majken S.


43 posts

sure it looks good on some models but why wanna look like a barbarian? or my 5 year old sister?

0 · November 15, 2010

Lydia B.

Lydia B.

United Kingdom

252 posts

I like the gaps in the teeth. Before, people would be a little self consious, but it's better now, cz more people accept the fact that not everyone is
born with perfect teeth. I think it looks great!xoxo

0 · November 15, 2010


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