6 students, One summer, Where to go?

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B.S .

B.S ..

United Kingdom

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Okay so I'm in a bit of a pickle;
Me and some friends are planning on going on holiday next year (the last summer before we leave for uni) 6 of us all together.
The thing is we can not deiced where to go!

I'm looking for somewhere hot (but not insanly hot), a good night life for the young but not tacky like ibiza, but also somewhere thats respected and we could do things through out the day like visit the architecture ect. I dont mind about paying a bit extra to get what want.

So yeah, its fussy haha
any ideas?

almost 9 years ago

B.S .

B.S ..

United Kingdom

144 posts

I have looked at there actually, its looks pretty nice

0 · July 4, 2009

Guy Jaja

Guy J.


19 posts

Tel-Aviv is awesome for night life,architecture,becahes ect.
and in summertime it's usually 26c-30c during day time!

0 · July 4, 2009

Laia N

Laia N.


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Barcelona is quite nice actually, it's hot (you know haha) but if you want to go out at night you just have to sleep until midday and go sight seeing by the afternoon.

Anyway I could tell you all the nice places (if you like indie and cool people) and anyway, there are a lot of great things to do and I could even guide you! haha

0 · July 4, 2009

David M

David M.

United States

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somewhere in spain or greece.

0 · July 4, 2009

B.S .

B.S ..

United Kingdom

144 posts

@Laia N.

hey that sounds like a good plan to me! :) haha

0 · July 5, 2009

Johnny Laurence Copenet

Johnny Laurence C.

United Kingdom

25 posts

Pikey aka gypsy. also used as slang for various undesirable/trampy types

0 · July 5, 2009

Natascha Laurel

Natascha L.


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me and my friends are going together in holidays this summer.
we'll just make a europa tour.
like we'll go everywhere.
wien, prague, berlin, helsinki, copenhagen, amsterdam, uk maybe barcelona too..etc. etc.
we'll be pretty spontanious.
just driving whereever we want with the train. ^^

0 · July 5, 2009

Zoe Clyde

Zoe C.


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Lignano in northern Italy (Friuli, to be exact). It's where my dad is from, and in the summer, it's fucking amazingggg. Trust me, you will love it. Tons of nightlife, the beaches are insanely awesome, beautiful people, great shopping (the vintage shops and outdoor markets are terrific), and it's not all that expensive! Plus, it's within close distance to the Slovenian border and Austria (Salzburg), so if you want to take day trips or weekend trips up there, it's possible! Also, there are tons of hotels and apartments you can rent.

0 · July 6, 2009

Lottie Greenwood

Lottie G.

United Kingdom

310 posts

Zante :)
or Crete, you can go to the minitours maze :O

0 · July 7, 2009


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