Texting While Driving

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Randi Joan

Randi J.

United States

2397 posts

It was getting so bad around my region they organized an assembly and showed us this video. It's been around awhile but i haven't seen it until today.

Well, this discouraged me from getting my permit. I don't even own a phone....

over 7 years ago

Jazz Nicole

Jazz N.

United States

2650 posts

I don't do it, because I feel like there's rarely anything important to say via text.

People should just focus on the road while they're driving. I don't understand why that's so hard. Some girl was on her phone while she backed into one of my mom's car mirrors and some woman hit my bumper the same way, for the same reason. I mean, if you can't multitask, you should probably stay off your fucking phone.

0 · December 22, 2010

Mal S

Mal S.

United States

664 posts

I don't do it. I've tried it, but I ended up almost veering off the road so I stopped doing that shit. Anything that was majorly important I had to say I could find somewhere to pull over safely and do it at.

I wish my boyfriend would listen to me and stop though :( I feel like such a mother when I'm telling him not to, and that's nothing I ever want to feel like when it comes to my love life. But I'm really just concerned with his safety.. :/ blah.

0 · December 22, 2010

Kristy J

Kristy J.


1038 posts

Its illegal where I live and so many people still do it. I get so mad when I see people on their phones whilst operating a vehicle.

0 · December 22, 2010

Sophie Rebecca

Sophie R.

United Kingdom

4347 posts

I probably couldn't do it if I wanted to, I'm bad enough at paying attention to the road as it is....

I hate when I see people on the phone whilst driving, really annoys me!

0 · December 22, 2010

☽blair ☾

☽blair ☾.

United States

1924 posts

It's illegal here now and I still see people doing it all the time. I've always pulled over if I needed to text or call someone back, unless I'm at a red light and then I text back really fast because I mean... I'm stopped.

I do change songs all the time on my ipod though and that is SO much more distracting.

0 · December 22, 2010

Emily Dawn

Emily D.


1965 posts

The first place I SAW that PSA was on LB, I think. a million years ago. *shudders*

0 · December 22, 2010

Charles Olivier W-M

Charles Olivier W.


657 posts

OMG, my father is texting and surfing the web while driving, even if I'm beside him.. I hate that so much!!

0 · December 22, 2010

Amina Ziri

Amina Z.

United States

243 posts

I've done it in the past. Not something I'm particularly proud of but I've done it.

I've stopped. It's completely irresponsible and so negligent. Just shows a general lack of regard for other drivers and yourself.

0 · December 22, 2010

Barbara Millicent Roberts

Barbara Millicent R.

United States

54 posts

Omg that baby...!

It's illegal here. People still do it..

0 · December 22, 2010

Blood A

Blood A.

United States

528 posts

I once saw a scary ad in Dubai that showed a cell phone broken in a pool of blood, and above it it said "We're sorry, but the number you're trying to reach is currently unavailable." That really freaked me out

0 · December 23, 2010

Randi Joan

Randi J.

United States

2397 posts

@Barbara Millicent R.

i know, so sad :[

0 · December 23, 2010

Joss K

Joss K.

United Kingdom

1051 posts

I see people doing it all the time. So fucking stupid.

0 · December 23, 2010


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