Mean Girls 2

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Randi Isabella

Randi I.

United States

471 posts

what the FUCK is this!?!?!?!? o;fjjsvc sdfjhgA
everyone lets rant about how shitty it will be

over 7 years ago

Christina Ann

Christina A.

United States

602 posts

I've already commented but GOD. they tried so hard to take all the things that made the original awesome and killed it. I don't think anyone can explain to someone else just how bad it was, you have to see it and hate it for yourself.

0 · November 6, 2011

Nina Bielawski

Nina B.

United States

8 posts

ugh i could rant for pages and pages. but i'll shorten it.
the budget is so obviously low, even for a staright to dvd movie.
the writing is terrible. i honestly have seen 3rd graders write better stories than this bullshit.
the acting is just....just so awful.
it doesn't portray real highschool life. that's what what so important and made the original such a success, teens (like myself) could actually relate to it. what do we have now? a bunch of girls decked out in all forever 21 paintballing a car. not actual teen life that anyone could relate to, more like middleschool to me.
and the clothes. oh my god. the popular girl wear clothes fit for an eighty year old woman and isn't even believe to be pretty or 'popular'.
it's like an insult to the first movie, what do you think tina fey thinks of it?

0 · November 13, 2011

Nina Bielawski

Nina B.

United States

8 posts

@Nina B.

basically, they could've used this opportunity to make an all time blockbuster (can you imagine how many people would line up to see a legitimate sequel?). but no. this bullshit spewed.

0 · November 13, 2011

Othilie W.E.

Othilie W.


68 posts

I started to watch it, but had to turn it off. So I don't feel like I can say too much about it, since I haven't seen it.

0 · November 15, 2011

Jenni C

Jenni C.


30 posts

Shittayyy. Watched the first thirty minutes, then had to abandon it. It goes past the "so-bad-it's-funny" point, sailed on past the "maybe-the-whole-film-is-a-joke" point, and right back into clawing my eyes out.

0 · November 15, 2011

Aaliya Smith

Aaliya S.

United States

19 posts

I am very excited to watch this movie, till then, I think I have to watch My Idiot Brother Movie hope that this will be best. :)

0 · November 16, 2011


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