Egypt in May

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John Philippe

John P.


374 posts

I am going to Egypt in May and stopping by Jordan and Israel as well...

I am really worried though.. because of all that's happening in Egypt right now. Like tourists are leaving and airports closing etc.

I mean, they're not gonna ban tourists for months right? They love their tourists there. Theyre gonna have to reopen their airports soon. I hope everything goes well.. A lot can happen in 3 months

7 years ago

Diana Antonia

Diana A.


1724 posts

I know that there wont be any swedish flights heading to Egypt in February at all. But hopefully things will work out in a few months.

0 · February 1, 2011

Zahraisabelle L

Zahraisabelle L.


4819 posts

Isn't that kind of selfish?

:/ I'm sorry but I unfortunately have no better response.

0 · February 1, 2011

Sophie Rebecca

Sophie R.

United Kingdom

4347 posts

I'm jealous, I've always wanted to go! Maybe not atm, but I'm sure it'll be fine by then?

0 · February 1, 2011


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