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Michelle Bombchell

Michelle B.

United States

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Not sure if you are interested, but me & 3 professional makeup artists, are answering questions.

I put a link today on my blog post :

or you can reply here, and we'll answer it in the video =)

almost 9 years ago

Olive Kimoto

Olive K.

United States

2003 posts

Oh cool, you're part of the youtube beauty community.

This isn't exactly makeup related I suppose but I've been thinking of starting my own channel but my makeup never shows up clearly on my camera. Tips?

0 · July 19, 2009

Michelle Bombchell

Michelle B.

United States

4 posts

@Olive K.

Oh Ive never done youtube videos, this will be my first, but the other ladies have, i'll ask ren for u :)

this is her youtube:

0 · July 20, 2009

Megan N

Megan N.

United States

22 posts

I have a question!

so i have relatively chinky eyes, and when i put eyeshadow on it barely shows because my lack of a spacious eyelid. is there anyway i can put enough on so it shows without being caked on vigorously? dont know if im making much sense but yeah..

0 · July 20, 2009


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