What did you wear to prom?

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Mariana Mimin

Mariana M.

Czech Republic

44 posts

My prom is coming up and I am just interested to see how people dress up. I am not planning to be too dressy. I looked everywhere for a dress but I resorted to making one. It is a nude color with some floral detailing.

I would love to see how you dressed up!:)

almost 7 years ago

Selina M

Selina M.

United Kingdom

5695 posts

this red dress minus cardigan

0 · June 15, 2011

Mad eye Moody

Mad eye M.

United States

120 posts

I wore a full length black and white dress.


0 · June 18, 2011

Faith Horne

Faith H.

United Kingdom

213 posts

0 · July 16, 2011

Kelsey B

Kelsey B.

United States

6 posts

I wore this:
I hope you have an awesome time at prom! One tip I have is bring comfortable shoes! I brought some silver flip flops so that they still matched my dress. And take tons of pictures! I hadn't in the past, but for my senior prom I wanted to remeber it and I am definately glad that I took a little time to capture the night!
Have fun! I'm sure you'll look great!

0 · July 18, 2011

Zahraisabelle L

Zahraisabelle L.


4819 posts

lace scallop dress with black pumps and french ties

0 · July 18, 2011

Hannah Riles

Hannah R.

United States

491 posts

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

0 · July 18, 2011

Poppy Lee Jones

Poppy Lee J.

THE 90S,

499 posts

@Zahraisabelle L.

Love it! :)

0 · July 19, 2011

Nicole Normile

Nicole N.

United States

53 posts

honestly, I never over did, probably under did it, this was my first year prom dress:

now, i dont yet have this past year's prom dress up, but I gave in and was a bit more classy this year, just did myself up a bit more

0 · July 20, 2011

Michelina S

Michelina S.

United States

630 posts

Ah, this.

0 · July 20, 2011

Carmen Baustert

Carmen B.


155 posts
I put on this but at the end I didn't go to my prom :p

0 · July 23, 2011

Linda Jew

Linda J.

United States

26 posts

I would like to wear prom ball gowndress, with jewels.

0 · November 13, 2012

Hanjing Toh

Hanjing T.


9 posts

hi guys, my prom is coming up but im not too sure how to glam up my dress! my prom theme is classical, and since my dress looks a tad too casual im not sure if i should go with red heels and a statement necklace or any other stuff??
the dress looks like that! sorry for the bad quality photo ><

0 · November 13, 2012

Hanjing Toh

Hanjing T.


9 posts

@Faith H.

love your makeup!!

0 · November 13, 2012


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