ASK LB: What kind of alternative items do you collect...?

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I was having a bit of a clear out yesterday, and I found a bunch of old Lookbooks.
Etro (odd as I have never bought anything from them - it is one of those "one day, one day..." stores for me), Aquascutum and Paul Smith mainly.

I didn't intentionally set out to start a collection, but it seems that this is what is beginning to form.

It seems a shame to throw them away, seeing as I can still get lots of ideas from them.

Anyone else collect other alternative, odd or just plain weird fashion memorabilia?

almost 9 years ago

Kirsty Rose

Kirsty R.

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i love vintage stuff and wear it a lot but i also collect unusual items that are actually unwearable.. i have old wooden shoes with landscapes carved into the base and lots of vintage clothes and accesories that are either to old to wear or the wrong size.

i used to have a vintage harlequin kids costume that was for a small child so i couldn't wear it but i cut the neck part off and turned it into this skirt:

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