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Randi Joan

Randi J.

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I think for almost all photos, if they can convey a feeling or tell a story it makes them truly meaningful. It'd be really cool to hear the story behind some of your photos (real memory or fictitious backstory).

I suppose i'll go first!

(Please excuse the watermark, this is an older picture and although it's not ostentatious i'm starting to stop even though i'm afraid of my photos being stolen again)

Last summer me and my friend visited our other friend Jess' house. It's kind of confusing, but they also have another smaller house on their property the landlord has; it's his summer home. Anyways, we weren't exactly allowed in but we did it anyway, because we're stupid teenagers.

The inside of it looked like it was perpetually in the 70s. The kitchen (the first room) had white and brown furniture and tables. There was a pringles can on the center table left from God knows when. And archway led to a huge living room.

The whole thing, furniture and wallpaper, was lemon colored with flowers. It was pretty hideous, and although we were prodding around and laughing we felt like there was something else in the room which made us uneasy. We saw another open archway which led to a hallway. It seemed as if all the rooms in the place were themed, as this one was a deep rose pink. We turned on the lights and there was a small, carpeted,spiral staircase leading to an upper floor. Upstairs, which was narrow and smelled of must, was around 5 bedrooms which were also themed by blue, or yellow and rose.

We were getting more and more anxious as we explored the rooms, feeling like they were so lived in they harbored a little life of their own. In some rooms there were drawers left open, or a lonely shoe left about. There was one room left, and we felt like we should turn back now. Of course, i ushered we should at least see the last room. Because again, stupid teenager.

The last room which was farthest in the house was large. There were around 5 stair steps in order to to finally get to the ground. The whole room had a white border and light pink theme. There were twin beds straight across from the entrance and above them a large window with curtains.

I got closer to the little beds as i wanted to take a look outside, pushing down the same nervous feeling we experienced our entire time in this house. I brought up my camera, looking through the viewfinder for a decent angel when all of a sudden a high pinched whine crescendoed to a deafening level and the lights flickered off mid-shutter. We all screamed blood murder and ran so fast out of there we didn't even process what had made us leave in the first place: the electricity spazzed.

Haha, and thus this pictured resulted.

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Aviva V

Aviva V.

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A week or so ago we found an abandoned baby owl, so I bundled him up in a box and took him to a wild animal sanctuary, where I took this picture. Even though I hadn't meant for the focus to be on her hands, I liked how it turned out because it seemed to show the gentle yet firm way she worked with all the animals at the shelter.

One of the other mindblowingly cute moments was this:

He was just as soft and fluffy as he looked.

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Helen Dushko

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well as u can here's my fav perfume. I had Birthday and my parents presented this little gift 2 me. I was inspired by the shape and surely divine smell. I decided 2 shoot it in order 2 save this moment in memory 4ever

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Charles Olivier W-M

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There's not a really a big story behind this picture, but I remember when I took it. My sister was holding my niece in her hands and I found them so beautiful. I get a bit emotional when I see this picture because I love my family, they are my life. My niece is so cute and she's so beautiful in the arms of my sister.
I don't know why but the picture looks a bit sad, because of the way my sister holds my niece.
This is one of my favourite pictures from myself, not necessarily because of its artistic view, mostly because there's a small story behind it...

0 · August 12, 2011

Clementine D

Clementine D.


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This was from a fun day at the central park zoo when we were in New York for a couple months, the best summer ever! Whilst I don't really support having wild animals in zoos, we were kind of in awe of the experience we had watching this polar bear. He must've been bored out of his mind. He just kept swimming back and forth, doing laps. He was a magnificent creature though, the only polar bear I've ever seen. They don't have zoos where in my country, and it would be the cruelest thing ever to bring a Polar bear to the heat of Cyprus.

0 · August 27, 2011


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