I need help with my hair...pretty please...

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Toni Caroline

Toni C.

United Kingdom

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I need opinions.

Sorry to post such a personal topic on here but I need advice on what to do with my hair and the opinions of my friends and family are just confusing me more!! So I need a strangers opinion :)

I've had short hair since I was 15...and apparently I "have the face for it" so I don't think I want to grow it. But at the same time, I often envy girls with lovely long locks and feel so boyish with my short pixie cut!

Also, I have been bleaching it blonde since I was 15...and thought it was time for a change. So I grew it out and now have my natural colour which is a sandy brownish, greyish, blondey colour...I love the thought of being natural buuut I just feel so bland and boring.

I miss my "LOOK AT ME" white blonde hair haha.

What i'm getting at, is please help me decide what I should do with my hair, I want your honest opinion - should I keep it my natural colour or bleach it blonde again? (I have the dye at the ready;) )

Or even would another colour suit me? Hmm...

Aaand should I keep it short or start the long, tedious process of growing it?

If you go on my profile you'll be able to see my hair when it was blonde, and how it is now that it's my natural colour.

Thank you so much anyone who offers their opinion!^^


7 years ago

Kristin H

Kristin H.

United States

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try red! not a true red but like an auburn! i think short red hair is very bold!

0 · May 22, 2011

Betty Amazing

Betty A.

United Kingdom

97 posts

Your hair is adorable short - but if you're getting bored then try growing it out, it's only a trip to the hairdressers if you don't like it or you get fed up of growing it.

It looks gorgeous its natural colour, but I do have a soft spot for platinum blonde. Looks stunning on short hair too x

0 · May 22, 2011

Toni Caroline

Toni C.

United Kingdom

84 posts

Thank you for your help!

I am definitely swaying towards blonde...maybe i'll bleach it for the summer, (bleached hair is dryer and will therefore be easier to look after at festivals etc!)...then I could try going darker in winter...


0 · May 22, 2011

Kirsty M

Kirsty M.

United Kingdom

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Ooh if you go darker you should definitely try the henna range Lush do. It's supposedly really good for your hair and the colours are gorgeous xx

0 · May 22, 2011

Sara B.

Sara B.


30 posts

i would suggest you to stay natural and try to appreciate what mother nature gave you, but I know it's normal to need a change, so...i suggest blonde!

0 · May 28, 2011

Poppy Lee Jones

Poppy Lee J.

THE 90S,

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i don't think you look boyish at all. the short hair suits you and you look gorgeous with it! kind of edie sedgwick-60s-look, i love it, really :)
i wanted to dye my hair blonde, but my hair dresser told me i would destroy it if i did that.. i would love to have your hair!:) i would dye it blonde again.. or why not try another colour? :)

0 · May 28, 2011

Fabia W.

Fabia W.


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I think you should bleach it again,I don't think you look boyish and I'm not bored of you hair,i like the short hair at you and in my opinion your hair looks like the hair of agynes deyn.
Do what you like,but blonde and the short cut look great on you

0 · May 28, 2011

Sophie Rebecca

Sophie R.

United Kingdom

4347 posts

I love your hair, it really suits you! (from looking at your looks). I reckon you would also suit going lighter or white blonde, so it's completely up to you!

0 · May 28, 2011

Pam Cleardesign

Pam C.


758 posts

I think the blonde is going very well, plus it sharpens your face :)

0 · May 28, 2011

Hannah Brown

Hannah B.


76 posts

This is a pretty normal situation when it comes to the idea of going through major changes with your hair because one wrong move and you will surely be in for the greatest regret of your life. However, at this point when there are already different hair accessories for women that can easily give your hair the glitz and glam plus the idea of wearing hair extensions for a major transformation without the hassles, all you have to do is follow whatever gives you the greatest amount of satisfaction.

0 · May 28, 2011


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