What makes hair stop growing?

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Randi Joan

Randi J.

United States

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it feels like ever since i stopped using chemicals in my hair, it's stopped growing. my hair has never been able to get past my shoulders, except for a couple years ago before i got it cut. i feel as if when i chemically straightened my hair it was healthier. it was flowy, shiny, and had more body. (i have afro-textured hair by the way).

i do have a pretty poor diet, i don't drink enough water and get proper vitamins. i'm vegetarian but i've been so since i was 9, therefore that shouldn't affect the situation. i also haven't gotten my hair trimmed in a while (which i've heard helps, but how does it help to grow when it always breaks off at the same area?).

it seems like my hair is getting shorter if anything. even when i've gone months without straightening my hair with heat, it doesn't grow. if anyone can help at all it'd be greatly appreciated.

over 6 years ago

Raven Jones

Raven J.

United States

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My hair was doing the same thing last year. I'm black too but my hair is medium-long length and not as textured as most.
I moved out on my last year and never really made it a priority to see my beautician until I began to notice long strands of hair coming out each time I brushed or combed my hair. I thought I my hair was thinning (nothing seriously noticeable), but it turns out it was breaking like that because of new growth and the fact that I needed to start both shampooing and conditioning my hair every three weeks like I was advised originally (school and work got in the way).
It's been a few months, it's nice and full again. I try to stick to a schedule of washing/conditioning once every three weeks and wrapping my hair every night (sometimes I feel ridiculous in my silk wrap but hey, silk wraps are IN now lol).

I suggest you talk to your stylist or beautician as well to find out if you need specific brands (ie: I am required to use Creme of Nature mixed with Head and Shoulders-yep, I have a very dry scalp that was inherited from my father) and stay away from hi-heat for a few months. But if you do have to use heat, don't forget the heat protectant spray.

And since you're currently a vegetarian, make sure you get your protein-protein and vitamin D (milk and carrots) will help make your hair strong!

I hope this helps :)

0 · May 30, 2011

Mara C

Mara C.

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Your hair isn't falling out, right? Because that could be something you need to see a doctor about.

If it seems like it's getting shorter due to breakage, that suggests that the ends are really weak. If you haven't had a trim in the past few weeks, get one, and do it regularly— perhaps even moreso than now— to keep the ends nice and fresh and strong so they stick around longer. I'm betting that as you're actually growing hair out, the stuff closer to your scalp is stronger, because it hasn't been exposed to so much. So it may just be an awkward waiting period for the strong stuff to get long enough. Also try a daily scalp massage, like in the shower or whatever— just rub your scalp in little circles with your fingertips. It feels goooooood and can improve circulation up there, which may encourage hair growth. But also, genetics determine how long your hair growth cycles last; so your individual strands may just have shorter lifespans.

0 · May 30, 2011

☽blair ☾

☽blair ☾.

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I haven't cut my hair in about 8 months and it's the same exact length as it was 8 months ago.
My roots have grown like an inch and a half in the past 3 months so I know my hair is growing... it just never gets any longer because it breaks off or whatever. It's really annoying because I want long hair.

0 · May 31, 2011

Aurora .

Aurora ..


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like Mara said, sometimes it's just genetics and there isn't anything you can do about it
go through the topics here about long hair and take care of it as best as you can. also, with the texture of your hair it seems pretty common. I don't know anyone with that type of hair that could grow it past their shoulders

0 · May 31, 2011

Boma E

Boma E.

United Kingdom

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you said you had afro textured hair meaning that you have to get it chemically straightened...
afro hair is naturally curly and curly hair can seem shorter than it is..
when you chemically straighten it, you elongate the strands of hair making it seem longer than it was before...
does this help in any way or is it completely irrelevant or wrong...
sorry if it is :] xx

0 · June 2, 2011

Happy Smile

Happy S.

United States

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hair stops growing when you are stress <<<< 1 factor

0 · June 3, 2011

Randi Joan

Randi J.

United States

2397 posts

thanks everyone <3

0 · June 3, 2011

Zoë G

Zoë G.

United Kingdom

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@Randi J.

once your hair gets to a certain length, it's growth slows down because it's heavier. this length varies between people. so thats why you might find it grows real quick up to your shoulders and then stops :)

0 · June 7, 2011


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