A-level Art ideas

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Sarah M

Sarah M.

United Kingdom

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I need help trying to pick a theme for my A-level class! My gcse projects were on House and farms so i cant base it around them! dont worry i wont be copying any work this is just a basci theme idea! please help

almost 7 years ago

Claire Gorton

Claire G.

United Kingdom

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And it can be anything?
urban VS Rural? we did erosion in class thiss year for AS level. or pick an art movement you like and base it around their work/ideas?

0 · June 11, 2011

Betty Amazing

Betty A.

United Kingdom

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Seriously just pick something you're interested in, what music do you like? What fashion? Television, artists, films? Have you seen something that's really inspired you lately? Could be other artists' work or it could be some old family photos you found.

My A Level students really struggle with project ideas because they don't realise that it can be about anything, and that it doesn't have to be based on something that sounds clever. x

0 · June 11, 2011

Steph Banks

Steph B.

United Kingdom

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you should choose something personal, because then it will be completely original (and then it will also look good in your grades that you can explain your work well). try to think of what the most important things in your life are, what you enjoy doing the most, what your future goals are. you could also do it on your fears :) I hope this helps!

0 · June 30, 2011


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