Oversized Style for Men

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Justin Leigh

Justin L.


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I bought a wool cardigan online, and although it is the smallest size it is still too big for me. I know that the "oversized" style is very popular for girls now, can guys do it too? If so, what would be a good way to wear an oversized cardi stylishly....

I'll post the look once I figure out how to wear it!

almost 7 years ago

Dee ♡

Dee ♡.

United Kingdom

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just wear it how you planned to before?
nice jeans & a shirt & then your cardigan over just keep it loose

0 · August 29, 2011

Henry Louis

Henry L.

United Kingdom

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Yes!! I did exactly the same thing and the best way to do I think is to go by the rule of compensating baggy with skinny. E.G. Baggy shirt/ bag cardigan = Skinny Jeans or Baggy Jeans/ Shorts = Tighter T-Shirt!

0 · August 29, 2011

☽blair ☾

☽blair ☾.

United States

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All I look for is oversized tops. Sadly I can't find any and tops that are one size and are being advertised as "oversized" just fit me like a normal shirt. But I don't dress like most men

0 · August 29, 2011

Breanne S.

Breanne S.


23 posts

Yes, I love oversized clothing on men!
My bf Raimundo dresses that way, and he also sells speciality 'oversized' shirts/jumpers to other people craving this style :)
Check him out here:

0 · August 30, 2011


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