Trendy, affordable online shopping sites for MEN?

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Justin Leigh

Justin L.


23 posts

Other than ASOS and Forever 21, I've been having trouble finding trendy sites that have mens clothing/acessories for good prices.

Suggestions, anybody?

over 6 years ago

Patrick C

Patrick C.


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Aside from ASOS, which I love, I also buy from and

0 · September 2, 2011

Max Wright

Max W.

United States

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You should try the incredible members-only sites:,, and

JackThreads and PLNDR sell urban-styled/skatewear for, sometimes, as much as a 75% discount, so you can get a great pair of shoes for about $35 when they should normally be $80 or $90.

Gilt Groupe has higher-fashion/designer-wear for discounts that are just as big, and you can find incredible jackets for $150 that would normally be $500. Which... its not super cheap but its still a great deal.

They're members-only but you can register for the waitlist, or if you want me to send you an invite then I could do that, just shoot me your email

0 · September 10, 2011

Angel Dust

Angel D.

United Kingdom

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H&M? Zara? Topman? They all have online sites that ship internationally if there isn't one where you live.

0 · September 13, 2011

Max Wright

Max W.

United States

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Zara started online shopping. They didn't have it before but they just started, apparently.

0 · September 15, 2011

Reva Human

Reva H.

United States

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Hey all,

I think it kind of depends what you're looking for. If you're looking for new clothes I agree with everyone above (H&M, Zara, Topman, Forever XXI). But some of the clothing in those stores aren't made too wonderful. So if you're just looking for a trendy outfit and not a permanent piece of clothing, buy cheap things new are great.

Another alternative is buying vintage or used clothes at thrift stores. Thrift stores are fun, but you have to have a lot of patience. You may hit the jackpot, or you may find nothing. That's why I like vintage stores a little bit better. Someone else has already done the hunting. Vintage stores can be cheap, or expensive. It depends on the item and the shop owner. There are a lot of vintage sellers on ebay or etsy. One etsy store that caters to men and is reasonably priced ($20 for a Dior shirt, shipping included) is KeyAcquisitions ( ).

Getting good clothes online for cheap just takes a little hunt. Good luck!

0 · September 15, 2011


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