Lisa Platform Boot

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Rachel Phillips

Rachel P.

THE 1950'S,
United Kingdom

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I am 16 and am contemplating getting a pair of these Black Lita Platforms for Christmas, but I think that maybe because of my age it will be harder for me to pull it off without making it look like I'm dressing up for a party or look like a hooker? What do you think?

over 6 years ago

Krystal Mason

Krystal M.

United States

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i think.............

i may explode if i see one more post about people being scared/hesitant to get the litas for whatever reason.

if you are self conscious about purchasing them for whatever reason don't even do it, it's not the type of shoe you can have reservations about. you have to be confident to work them/wear them despite what you're thinking people are thinking of you in them. so if you're already worried about what people will think, i wouldn't get 'em

0 · October 13, 2011

Meisu ☆

Meisu ☆.


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@Krystal M.

I'm pretty new here (my profile is old, but I just started to use LB), but is there really a lot of people that are afraid of wearing litas? I mean, I would understand it if some people were hesitant of wearing thigh-high latex stripper boots or something, but litas don't really look that unusual imo...

0 · October 13, 2011

Krystal Mason

Krystal M.

United States

46 posts

@Meisu ☆.


idk if "afraid" is the right word but skeptical for various reasons, yeah. i don't think they're that groundbreaking either.. i'm like just get them lol

0 · October 14, 2011


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