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Do these skinny jeans look too tight or are they okay? (pics inside)

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Jai'me J

Jai'me J.

United Kingdom

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I tried these on yesterday and need opinions! They are both comfortable to wear (made of stretchy material). Let me know, thanks! :]

First pair:!/jaimelondonboy/status/127507376390680578/photo/1

Second pair:!/jaimelondonboy/status/127512239497428992/photo/1

almost 3 years ago

Gie Gabriel ATZ

Gie G.


3 posts

i reckon the fit are just fine. BTW, i love the second pair. :)


0 · October 22, 2011

Max. G

Max. G.


196 posts

They look really tight but I've never been a fan of skinny jeans so I'm not a good judge :) If you feel comfortable wearing them, I infer it must be OK ... I also prefer the second pair, for its color!

0 · October 22, 2011

Sanne S

Sanne S.


15 posts

I don't think they're too tight, if you feel comfortable in them ;)

0 · October 22, 2011

Christine Lagarde

Christine L.


12 posts

too tight. keep it real

0 · October 23, 2011


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