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Pamada K

Pamada K.

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Has anyone bought from here before? Its the Steve Madden x Rachel Bilson line. I'm eyeing a pair of Leopard wedges, but I hate that I don't know what they are like in person! and $80 is a lot for a pair of SM shoes. :)

If any one has bought, is it worth it? are they comfortable? Quality?




over 3 years ago

Jackie C.

Jackie C.

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I got the pauline in black! Order only a half size up and I think the leopard ones are worth it because of the pony hair and for your first order you can use the code SHOE40 for either 40% off or 40$ off your first order I believe. I think the quality is good but personally I would not pay full price for them because theyre not that unique to me but the materials and quality are nice.

Also, the pauline fits weird, but its ok and youre looking at the jolly anyway and I think that one fits fine if your order a half size up!

0 · December 5, 2011

Pamada K

Pamada K.

United States

62 posts

@Jackie C.

oh man i just saw this.. lol thanks for the feed back.

ugh. i want the pauline in wine so badly. they have the black in my size right now, but i'm trying to hold out just a bit longer.

:( i wish shoe40 still worked! right now its only 20% .. but I'll take it!

0 · December 22, 2011


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