Hangover cures!

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B.S .

B.S ..

United Kingdom

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Okay so like many other on here I like to get very very drunk sometimes, the worst part of this tho?
The next morning hangover!
So I thought we could all help each other out and tell our ways of treating a hangover!

I have a few ways of coping, drink lots of sugary tea, take paracetamol, eat chips (fries not crisps) oh and never forget a full english breakfast!

almost 9 years ago

Nicole McKee

Nicole M.

United Kingdom

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I drink Sprite and it almost instantly makes me feel better.

0 · August 21, 2009

Katrín Hammer

Katrín H.


1815 posts

I don't get hangovers. Lucky meeeeee, haha

0 · August 21, 2009

B.S .

B.S ..

United Kingdom

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but i loveeeee spirits! plus vodka is the cheapest thing! haha

0 · August 21, 2009

Chris Fox

Chris F.

United States

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Very true. Water heals all hangover wounds.
Start drinking on a full stomach too.

It all depends on how sugary the drink is, or so I've been told by more experienced drinkers. Whiskey is bad, brandy is worst, and if you really want to feel like your brain is being ripped apart at the seams, drink anything mixed.

I hear champagne is really nasty to drinkers, but I could be wrong. Brandy's also pretty bad. And I've been told to never drink anything mixed with an energy drink. I could see why, considering the sugar content. o_O

0 · August 21, 2009

Camille .

Camille ..

United States

1810 posts

i just lie in bed all day and bask in my misery. hahaha

0 · August 21, 2009

Leah H

Leah H.


179 posts

my friend told me if you take an Advil before going to bed it helps.
and also drinking tons of water and eating some bread helps aswell.

but i wouldn't really know because the only time i was drunk i never got a hangover.

0 · August 21, 2009

Lamb *

Lamb *.

United Kingdom

43 posts

egg + bacon sarnie ;D

well, for me, anyways...

i agree with the water- drink a glass before i go out, and stick to spirits- beer makes me awfully ill.

0 · August 21, 2009

Rosie M

Rosie M.

United States

289 posts

water water water! I tried drinking a glass of water for every drink; kind of annoying, but it definitely helps1

0 · August 21, 2009

Zoe Clyde

Zoe C.


1365 posts

I don't get hangovers. I only throw up if I mix my alcohol.. and I mix my alcohol all the fucking time, unfortunately.

I never get the typical headaches, but I do spend my night in the washroom while my friends hold my hair and I hold theirs :)

0 · August 21, 2009



United Kingdom

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if i get hangovers, the majority of the time i end up buying stupid amounts of salt and vinegar crisps and eat eat eat.
i dunno about anyone else but it sure as hell makes me feel a bit better!

0 · August 21, 2009

Jil S

Jil S.


147 posts

i'm like michelle.. when i'm too drunk i just throw up. it's not like i'm feeling bad after it, i can make party again right afterwards, haha. like last night. but yeeeah it was the only time in my holidays i could sleep long because i always wake up so easily. so it was actually good to drink. ;D school starts on monday. thursday party, friday party, today party.

0 · August 22, 2009

B.S .

B.S ..

United Kingdom

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i always crave cheese + onion crisps! ha
and doner kebabs mmmmmmm!

0 · August 23, 2009

Aurora .

Aurora ..


3740 posts

I take chlorella pills before drinking and it works really great.

Drink water between drinks too.

0 · August 23, 2009

Paulina M.

Paulina M.


11 posts

there are lots of alternatives:
1. have a beer in the morning xD
2. eat pickles
3. have seafood

but some guy told me he had an oil teaspoon after he went to party. That it grose so I haven't tried it! but I've heard that one a lot.

0 · August 23, 2009

John S

John S.

United Kingdom

360 posts

2 pints of water and a vitamin tablet before bed. A banana and a vitamin tablet and paracetemol in the morning. Bananas are amazing. I always want sushi though, but this once had ... negative side effects.

0 · August 23, 2009

Samantha L

Samantha L.


346 posts

my friend told me that if you drink two glasses of water and take an advil then you'll be fine.
i'm either too drunk to try or i keep forgetting to do it. D:

0 · August 25, 2009


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