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Steven Brown

Steven B.

United States

43 posts

Lately, I have been curious as to why other fan people? Is it there style? Is it the quality of there photographs? TALK ME!!! Tell me your opinions...

almost 5 years ago

MaryAlice M

MaryAlice M.

United States

1046 posts

I fan people who I think deserve it. Who I can tell work really hard on their looks and truly put effort into their fashion. :]

0 · February 5, 2012

Steven Brown

Steven B.

United States

43 posts

@MaryAlice M.

I would definitely have to agree!!! It is only right to give to those who deserve it.

0 · February 5, 2012

MaryAlice M

MaryAlice M.

United States

1046 posts

@Steven B.

For me, it has nothing to do with the photography skill of the person. I mean you need a full body shot that you can see the outfit, but the rest is unimportant. Someone's fashion tenacity is what draws me to them to fan. :]

0 · February 5, 2012

Minda K

Minda K.

United States

324 posts

If I like their style, whether because it seems like something I would love to wear or just that the person has amazing style even if it's not mine. If they have cool photos and maybe if the background is interesting and unique. If the picture isn't too blurry...
If I think that they're creative andh aving fun and just doing their own thing.

0 · February 5, 2012

Ashley Treece

Ashley T.

United States

126 posts

I fan fellow lookbookers if they consistently impress me with their style by introducing new concepts or just throwing in anything interesting I can be inspired by!

0 · February 5, 2012

John G.

John G.

United States

103 posts

I fan people that I feel have some style and creativity. I might see something that makes me curious about what their next looks will be. I also fan artistic people with interesting pictures. Lastly I fan guys that I think dress well and can give me ideas.

0 · February 5, 2012

Clove Bud

Clove B.

United States

805 posts

People who are consistent and inspiring. :)

0 · February 5, 2012

Carizza Chua

Carizza C.


52 posts

i fan people who posts good quality photos and create different styles - just not to make my list boring :)

0 · February 5, 2012

Andrianny Augustine

Andrianny A.


63 posts

i fan people who have an amazing style :)

0 · February 6, 2012

Katie Lee

Katie L.

United States

545 posts

If it's someone who consistently posts great looks, I'll fan them,

0 · February 6, 2012

Six6six X

Six6six X.

United States

260 posts

I like to fan people who are inspiring, creative, and do original looks. Their editorial vision is pretty important to me, since their hypes and <3s are going to end up on my feed.

0 · February 6, 2012

Therese Isabelle Dahle

Therese Isabelle D.


275 posts

Sometimes wonder that myself, as i've been getting fans even though i don't have any outfits out yet. :p

But for me, minimum 60% of the persons outfits must be something i would wear myself or something i like alot. :)

0 · February 6, 2012

Poppy Lee Jones

Poppy Lee J.

THE 90S,

499 posts

I fan people if I like their style (clothes and photos) and want to see more of it!

0 · February 6, 2012

Daria T.

Daria T.


38 posts

I'd fan a person with a unique style, the one that stands out.

0 · February 6, 2012

Tyler Lim

Tyler L.


44 posts

i fan people that i find interesting, like it hit my taste or something, it's more than the looks, it's also about the personalities and a whole lot more.

0 · February 6, 2012

Hannah M

Hannah M.

United Kingdom

897 posts

@Katie L.

same, basically.

if their style is consistently interesting to me, or inspirational, i'll fan - if i just like one or two looks i most likely won't.

0 · February 6, 2012

Noah Nostalgia

Noah N.

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

466 posts

I usually fan:

1/ People with amazing looks.
2/ People who hype / fan people with amazing looks <= this is really important for me cause I love checking out new lookbookers.
3/ People who have great personalities.

0 · April 19, 2012

Erin V

Erin V.


253 posts

Amazing looks, and who also hype other people, not the snobbish kind who don't answer / hype people!

0 · April 19, 2012

Janni L

Janni L.


35 posts

I fan people on LookBook when they're special in some way. It can be the cuteness of their style, or timelessness, weirdness, or just that they're so unbelievably gorgeous. :> I usually try to give my hearts to the less known LookBookers, because I know that the hearts are usually more important to them and they mean a lot for them, compared to the people on the hot page.
I don't mean to say bad things about the hot LookBookers, not at all, there are reasons why a few of them always get to the hot page! But the truth is that now we need to make some new faces on the hot page too :))

0 · April 22, 2012

Ranel James Del Castillo

Ranel James D.


45 posts

I fan people when I get inspiration from their style..

0 · April 22, 2012

From Anna with love fromannawithlove80

From Anna with love .


363 posts

I do fan people with NO mainstream styles or crazy styles, I like colorful clothes:-))))))

0 · April 22, 2012

Sky Dawn

Sky D.


272 posts

I like the way that they dress or they are people I know from outside of lookbook.
I'm only a fan of, maybe 18 people, I'm really selective.

0 · April 22, 2012

Elina Hyvölä

Elina H.


12 posts

I fan people who have experimental style not just hoodie or gardigan and I think the quality of photos is important :)

0 · April 22, 2012

Steph MK

Steph M.


85 posts

I fan people that inspire me and have a similar style to me.

0 · April 22, 2012

Shaz Omg

Shaz O.

United Kingdom

1319 posts

If its just one outfit i like, i wont fan, but if i like a lot of there outfits, then i fan because i may like there upcoming outfits too

0 · April 22, 2012

☽blair ☾

☽blair ☾.

United States

1928 posts

I fan people when I like all or almost all of their looks and want to be updated when they post new stuff.

0 · April 23, 2012

Veronique Mystique

Veronique M.

United States

310 posts

I'll fan someone if they have a style or feature which inspires me. there has to be more than simply liking the looks of someone I've fanned- there is usually a certain trend in the way they dress or present themselves that I find particularly unique or interesting.

0 · April 23, 2012

Jen J

Jen J.

United States

81 posts

I fan people who own their style or who experience with different styles Ive never seen. Im not too crazy about fanning people who dress "regular" because its not inspiring to me.

0 · April 23, 2012

Tony Evan

Tony E.


27 posts

CONSISTENCY...when you see that in a lookbooker's collection of looks you'd want to see more from them.

0 · April 24, 2012


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