T-Shirt Dresses!

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Stephanie S

Stephanie S.

United States

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Hey guys, I have an oversized Zelda tee that I'd really like to make a dress out of.
Have any of you ever made a dress out of a band tee or large t-shirt?
Post your DIYs + Pics.
Thanks! :)

6 years ago

Alexx A.

Alexx A.

United States

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I usually take the tshirt and cut the sleeves off, turn it inside out, sew a seam from the shoulder down the length of the shirt on both sides (making it like a tube), slit the top of the shirt where the collar hole is, fold each of those sides down and sew straight across (almost hemming-esque) giving it a nice edge and then flip it rightside out and have a lovely tube tshirt dress!

You also can then cut two strips from the leftover sleeves and sew them on the top as straps

0 · April 5, 2012

Kat C.

Kat C.

United States

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I just get an oversized shirt, trim and sometimes fold the sleeves. Then cut the sides and sew them back together to your size and fit.

0 · April 16, 2012

Kat C.

Kat C.

United States

323 posts

Oh wow, what a great link. I'll have to try that sometime.

0 · April 16, 2012

Gem Stuart

Gem S.

United Kingdom

32 posts

i have a male top, that is long enough for a dress. with no alterations.
sometimes worn with a belt.

0 · April 17, 2012

Erin V

Erin V.


253 posts
This one's a long shirt I got from my aunt. You should probably go with a big belt and boots!

0 · April 20, 2012


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