Pastel Hair Streaks for Scaredy Cats

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Scotty Hollywood

Scotty H.


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Well, I'm a brunette and a big chicken when it comes to bleaching my hair, but I'm ridiculously in love with rainbow/pastel/my little pony hair. I was thinking about getting clip-in hair extensions and possibly bleaching/dying them into nice colours, but I really have no experience with this sort of thing, so I was hoping for some advice!
Have any of you out there done a similar thing, or have any advice?


6 years ago

Jenny Cook

Jenny C.

United Kingdom

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You could always consider just bleaching and dip dyeing the ends. That way you don't have to drastically damage your hair and you can experiment with loads of colours then trim it off. Even just an inch or two long section looks pretty cool. Just put your hair into two plaits and dye the ends that stick out from your hair grip.
I used to do that and it stayed in perfect condition till one fateful day when I dyed the whole thing bright red and frazzled it =[ Just don't do that and you'll be fine =D

0 · February 23, 2012


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