What's your body type? How do you dress it?

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Ruth C

Ruth C.

United Kingdom

15 posts

I have an awkward-to-find awkward-to-dress body type - Slim legs and arms, small bum, thick torso, and large boobs. Its not slim enough, and its not conventionally curvy. I... don't really know how to dress it. xD

What's yours like? How do you address your 'problem' areas?

6 years ago

Olivia .

Olivia ..

United Kingdom

89 posts

I'm not sure what the 'type' for my body is except probably just slender or boyish maybe. I just dress how I want, and don't wear anything strapless or that is pretty much made for people with boobs, I don't like those types of clothes anyway so that's no problem for me.

0 · March 8, 2012

Alice Lovett

Alice L.


86 posts

I'm an obvious hourglass, which makes me a sucker for anything with a defined waist - little fifties-sixties dresses, high waisted skirts/shorts, etc. Pretty much anything that works for pinup models works for me, haha. The only drawback is that I can't rock certain tops because of my bust, but minimizers always do the trick when needed. ;)

0 · March 8, 2012

MaryAlice G

MaryAlice G.

United States

1044 posts

I have tiny boobs, a bony butt, big bones, and short stature. Fun stuff being half Jewish half German. ;P
I tend to just accentuate the fact that I have an odd body type. I kind of like the that I don't look like your average girl. I mean, I obviously don't dress in a way to look androgynous, but I like to show off that you don't have to be "model type" to look good. I tend to wear baggier blouses, and tight jeans, or dresses with fitted tops and loose skirts. I avoid things that have a drop waist because then I just look like a pudgy stump with no waist. heh. I'll honestly, try out anything that I like the look of, and I'll try to make it fit my body type and my personal style. I like to wear what I like, and I'll make it to fit my body if I like it enough. :P

0 · March 8, 2012

Cody Darkstalker

Cody D.

United States

34 posts

Hourglass and muscular with a lil chub on the belly. HUGE boobs and butt. I tend to go for fitted clothes with a loose top layer, like tight leggings and a tight tank dress with an oversized open cardigan and a large drapey scarf in this kind of weather.

0 · March 8, 2012

Pretty Lady

Pretty L.

Puerto Rico

74 posts

Big bum, small waist, skinny everything else. Tight pants will have to do! Anything high-waisted works. I'm an X shape.

Sounds like you're a V shape. Empire waist must look lovely on you!

0 · March 8, 2012

Mara C

Mara C.

United States

4914 posts

Big shoulders, big chest. But not much of a waist, nor hips, nor a butt. Tall and long-limbed, but more solid than willowy.

I don't do really high necks. As much as I love my boobies, putting them under a wider expanse of cloth makes it look like I'm smuggling a large watermelon. I also don't do much puffy/frilly short sleeves, because I already have the shoulders of a linebacker. But instead of hiding my shoulders, I show them off. I love tank tops and halters and whatnot. Or I wear tops that are flush to the shoulders to show their shape.

Low, wide necklines are also great for me because: 1) they make my boobs looks like boobs and not a clandestine watermelon, and 2) they show off my collar bones and make my shoulders look not so intimidating.

In general I also like more streamlined silhouettes. Foofy poofy things just look funny on me.

0 · March 15, 2012

Clove Bud

Clove B.

United States

803 posts

I have an ahtletic build, I generally wear just really big clothes haha :)

0 · March 16, 2012


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