What do you think about tattoos or tattooed teachers?:-)

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From Anna with love fromannawithlove80

From Anna with love .


363 posts

I just adore tattoos and I am working as a (preschool) teacher.
I do have 4 tattoos (2 tribals, the eye of RA, and Comic Witchblade)
I am 31 years old and got my first at the age of 21...

As you see my tattoos are "personally" or special...I would never get skulls/flowers/fish ....tattoos...well thats "in" now....but I want to have my "own" ideas...

I' ve got some problems with some parents- they thought I had a negative influence on their children:-))) It made me sad...but one of my ideas is to teach acceptance for beeing individual...

Sorry for my bad engl.....I hope you understand my point:-)

6 years ago

From Anna with love fromannawithlove80

From Anna with love .


363 posts

Yeah,I agree;-))
I tried to explain...but you know, some people don't want to understad.....but I will still go my own way...
Currently I am teaching in Germany...

0 · March 19, 2012

Shaz Omg

Shaz O.

United Kingdom

1316 posts

Just keep them covered in the school, shouldn't be too difficult.

0 · March 19, 2012

From Anna with love fromannawithlove80

From Anna with love .


363 posts

yes, Mika, you're so right.
I love my job and it means so much to me, if my kids go home with a smile, having a good day..
I'm sorry for my englisch, hope you all understand what I mean:-)))

0 · March 20, 2012

David G

David G.

United States

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Tattoos are beautiful. I have plenty of my own that I absolutely value so much. I guess some people just dont see that value that you have for them. Which makes them narrow minded. Your tattoos might have some effect on kids, but they're still too young to understand the concept at all. You look awesome btw.

0 · July 25, 2012

Becky Bedbug

Becky B.

United Kingdom

1075 posts

From a pierced teacher, you are awesome!

0 · July 25, 2012

Princess Fusion

Princess F.


125 posts

At my elementary school, almost all my teachers had tattoo's. At a young age I gained even more respect for those teachers who wore tattoos because they where expressing themselves compared to those that wore the typical black trouser pants and plain top. I think it's important and necessary for you to be yourself with the children so that they have a mindset that it's normal to be themselves, after all during those years are when they are most willing to learn and accept truths.

0 · July 25, 2012




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I've always wondered why tattoos aren't as socially acceptable as they should be. You're a teacher, your capability of learning isn't lower just because you've got a pair of tattoos.
The best teacher I ever had had some tattoos. It feels like people who have tattoos are more open-minded - which is really good if you're working with different types of kids. Just my two cents based on my experiences.

0 · July 25, 2012

Anna M

Anna M.


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I love tattoos and doesn´t see the problems with it, but there is people that do.

AND since I do not really know whether it will become more accepted at work, I am afraid that tattoos will be to my disadvantage when I apply for a job. It makes me doubt if I should make a tatto or not ._.

0 · July 26, 2012

Friederike R.

Friederike R.


38 posts

i love tattoos and in future i'm going to be a teacher ;) so i think it's fine if they are not to obviously ,thats also the reason why i have 2 tattoos on my hip so i can cover up them.
Teacher have to be serious persons ;)

0 · August 13, 2012

Nic F.

Nic F.

United Kingdom

58 posts

Tattoos are great! Everyone is entitled to have them I believe and just because you have Tattoos does not mean you have to limit your career options.

0 · August 14, 2012

Gisé Art

Gisé A.


3 posts

Look what I found, it's a new alternative to tattooing! Looks painful though :\

0 · October 25, 2012

Sky Dawn

Sky D.


272 posts

a good person is still a good person if they have tattoos, it's weird that some people don't get that

0 · October 25, 2012

Dominic Peach

Dominic P.


487 posts

Kids need to learns to accept others as early as possible. It is parents complaining that re-inforces the 'tattoos are bad and therefor you are bad' mentality. If people stopped acting to this assumption, in 2 generations no one would consider it.

0 · October 25, 2012

Peter D.

Peter D.


282 posts

I think its okay to have tattoos, I once saw a doctor once who has his arms tattooed and looked so badass with the leather studded jacket and all, yet he look quite nice when dealing with other patients + the fact that he saves lives/

The concept of tattoos being synonymous to badass is just stereotypical.

0 · October 26, 2012

Leslie Meyenberg

Leslie M.


180 posts

I think it's pretty cool. Having tattoos shouldn't affect one's work.:)

0 · October 26, 2012

Bernadette Jean

Bernadette J.

United States

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i think... your profession doesnt always make you, you. sometimes its just what you do or its just a job and doesnt entirely express who that person is. so a tattooed teacher is just as cool!

0 · October 26, 2012

Ine Geek

Ine G.


154 posts

It's probably to do with the fact that tattoos used to be done in prison, so someone with tattoos was certain to have committed a crime. But that hasn't been the case for at least 50 years now, it's more a work of art these days than a sign of some deviant behaviour. ;-)

I have two tattoos myself, but I can choose to cover them up if I need to, so that helps when people are prejudiced. I think you're very cool, with a very individual and brilliant sense of style and judging from your smile a good sense of humour. :D

So with you as their preschool teacher your little students can only benefit from being around someone like you!

0 · November 2, 2012

Nita-Karoliina Lappalainen

Nita-Karoliina L.


142 posts

I love them. i have 4 and will take at least 2 more. Nothing wrong with them or that teacher is having them. IT'S not the fifties anymore, thank god for that.

0 · November 20, 2012

Anne-Fleur V.V

Anne-Fleur V.


16 posts

With or without the tattoo, you can not make everyone happy. So do what feels right to you. Parents would actually have to look at the quality of lessons that the teacher gives to their child(ren), not the appearance. Now there are exceptions, and it always plays a role but it should not be the predominant factor.

0 · November 20, 2012

Minda K

Minda K.

United States

324 posts

I'd say follow your heart. If it's what makes YOU happy and you aren't hurting anyone then go with it. Live and let live :) Also if it helps. I LOVE tattoos that mean something or the ones that are a way of showing off individuality. Also I have to say that when I see a guy with a tattoo... just makes them even more attractive. And if I see a girl with a tattoo... I just think it makes them look pretty badass! :)

0 · April 12, 2013


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