Music opposites?Do you express your music style with clotches?

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From Anna with love fromannawithlove80

From Anna with love .


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I usually like bands like Within temptation, The Cranberries..but I like pop music too like Rihanna, or R & B like Aaliyah...

Sometime I love to hear Drum'n' friends are like: What ? You like Within temptation? You don't look like their fan! (Because of the black /metal clotches)

I love colorful clotches, and don't think I have to express my music style with them...

How about you????

almost 6 years ago

Carolyn W

Carolyn W.

United States

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Sometimes I do, sometimes I don't! I have plenty of obvious band tees, but I dress in many different ways.

Some days I look like I support the music of relentlessly loud, angsty teenager rebels when I wear things like spiked chokers and big platform boots, but the reality is, I love things like chill classic rock, or the softer tones of Keane and Greg Lasewell. Some days I even dress like a western stereotype - but man do I hate country, haha.

In the end - wear what you want and listen to what you will. I don't need to wear tie dye to support the Grateful Dead! :)

0 · April 9, 2012

Selina M

Selina M.

United Kingdom

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no. i don't dress much like the music i listen to i suppose. but not radically different either

0 · September 15, 2013

Becca Idk

Becca I.

United States

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I pretty much do - most of the time.
But not to show that I like rock'n'roll but just because I simply love the style! :)

0 · December 22, 2013

Caroline Carnivorous

Caroline C.


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Well yeah, I dress very black metal, lol.

0 · December 25, 2013

☽Emī Silberīn Mānelieht☾

☽Emī S.


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Yes and no...

Some of my outfits seem to have something nostalgic/ fantasy-ish even though they are regular clothing items.
Other outfits are clearly gothy, which I connect with Black Metal and Gothy Music I listen too.

Within Temptation isn't Black Metal though, neither are their clothes ;)), that confused mens bit.

0 · December 28, 2013

Evelyn N

Evelyn N.


30 posts

No always I'm a minimalist most of the time, i wear a lot of Black, usually All Black (which is not "goth" or "metal" actually) but i listen to very upbeat music, i usually just dress according to my mood.

0 · January 1, 2014


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