Britains next top model

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Toni Caroline

Toni C.

United Kingdom

84 posts's unlikely anything will come from sending off the application anyway as I am only 5'7" which is 'short'! But I just looked on the application and it says now that you have to be 5'8" whereas it's plastered all over the website that you only have to be 5'7"!!
Why have they suddenly changed it!? I can't decide whether or not to bother now!

Was anyone else thinking of applying or does anyone else watch it? I really really wanted Jade to win in the series just gone...or Sophie but neither did!:(

Was anyone else shocked at Mecia winning!?

over 7 years ago

Toni Caroline

Toni C.

United Kingdom

84 posts

She sure was really lame that they used her weight as an excuse for her not to win...just to make the show look good. I did see the predicament but she was getting better and putting weight on and everything so they should have given her a chance to win rather than wait till the very end then be like 'no cos of your weight'!

0 · September 1, 2009


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