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Movie title that has NO connection with the movie itself

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Rose Uy

Rose U.


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*In my opinion, "Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" title has no connection with the movie itself and what the film is actually talking about. What's up with her tattoo that have been featured only few glimpses? Do we even care about it?

*The girl was not even appearing most of the time in the movie, just all eyes on Daniel Craig 'cause he's the real investigator in there. The girl was only his side kick.

*The movie even focuses on the real happening inside the life of an entire family, so, we really don't have to deal with her huge tattoo at her back.

What's yours? Feel free to share for us to know what movie we will left us be "blanked" in the end. Connection or relation truly matters. We have to absolutely know that. Understanding everything in a movie is worth a lot.

Roselinni :) <3

almost 4 years ago

Divina Gracia C.

Divina Gracia C.


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SO true! I even panicked when it ended. In my case, it will have to be Tree of Life! What the hell is going on with the entire movie? It sucks!

0 · May 17, 2012

Elma U.

Elma U.


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I agree. I also don't understand The Descendants. Citation needed!

0 · May 17, 2012

Casandra Uy

Casandra U.


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twilight saga. just the phases of the moon. It doesn't connect with the story that much 'cause it mainly focuses on vampires and werewolves love story.

0 · May 17, 2012

Dolly Spectra

Dolly S.

United States

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The Room. Is it the bedroom? Is it the living room? No one will ever know.

0 · May 17, 2012


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