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Broken hearted.

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Hannah M

Hannah M.

United Kingdom

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yesterday my boyfriend and i broke up and my heart broke along with it.

what's the best way to make myself feel better? any advice would be much appreciated, i'm trying to act normal and distract myself but it's so hard. i can't even bring myself to change my relationship status on facebook..

over 3 years ago

Hannah M

Hannah M.

United Kingdom

898 posts

thanks guys <3 it means a lot.

0 · May 28, 2012


M P.

United States

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yeah wallow in it for a little bit. cry it out, eat ice cream. watch all the sappy movies. write a letter detailing what you feel and everything you want to say to him then burn it. if you want to be distracted from thinking about him all the time, take up an activity that requires a whole lot of concentration, like sewing. or you can turn all the emotion into something good, like a song, or a painting. creating something helps a lot.

0 · May 28, 2012

Lee.Sze ♥

Lee.Sze ♥.


96 posts

Yes, let yourself cry and grieve a bit! Eat ice cream (I ate a whole tub when I broke up with my first boyfriend), listen to some sad love songs. I used to cry until my glands went dry. Of course it will still hurt for a few weeks or months. Take baby steps. Sit back and analyze what happened, what went wrong, you will soon realize it was for the better. Surround yourself with best friends and family that you can trust. They will play an important part in helping you heal. Make yourself busy and think positive things. Change that relationship status on FB and move on. *Big hug*

0 · May 28, 2012

Raya B

Raya B.

United Kingdom

94 posts

life's too short to cry and mope. it seems like the end of the world now but in 6 months or a years time you wont ever think about it. go out on the piss with a bunch of mates, go to a concert, dance all night, meet other lads.

0 · May 30, 2012


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