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Ranim H.

Ranim H.


110 posts

Heyaa (:
So as I am quite a newbie with blogging and all that I wanted to ask you guys if you know any good ways to promote your blog, so that there is more traffic, that more people visit your blog.
Maybe any forums, communities, websites ?

Thanks in advance (:

almost 4 years ago

Sophie Martin

Sophie M.


38 posts I only created it yesterday after years of wanting to! I would totally appreciate some traffic on it :)

0 · November 8, 2012

Cindy F

Cindy F.


444 posts

I just did a post on how to make a move, based on the bestseller book The Game.
Would totally appreciate you passing by ;) Ciao!

0 · November 8, 2012

Cara E

Cara E.

United Kingdom

439 posts

new post up, check it oooout!

0 · November 8, 2012

Gozikas Journal

Gozikas J.


201 posts

Hope you like it ;)

0 · November 16, 2012


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