Stephanie Meyer stole ideas for Twilight?

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Rachel Milstein

Rachel M.

United States

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Ive read both the Twilight books by Stephanie Meyer, and the Dead After Dark series by Charlaine Harris (the books that Trueblood is based off of) and has anyone else noticed that they are veryyyy similar??


SHAPESHIFTERS - Sam is a shapeshifter and can turn into a dog and other animals. Jacob is a shapeshifter that can turn into a wolf (It is said in the last Twilight book that he is a shapeshifter and not a werewolf)

PSYCHICS - Sookie can read minds and can not hear only Bills mind. Edward can read minds and can not hear only Bellas.

VAMPS TRYING TO BE GOOD - Both Bill and the Cullens are vegetarian vamps trying to fit into human society

those are the biggest ones I can think of,
And Charlaines Dead After Dark series was written way before Twilight, so I cant help but think that this is not a coincidence,
What do you think?

EDIT: : I did look into it a bit more and yah you guys are right, that these ideas have been used alot literature, my mom even reminded me that there was the whole vampire trying to be good and werewolves plot in Buffy the Vampire, and the new Vampire Diaries show uses the psychic/good vamp spin too.
So im going to change my question and ask that since alot (not all) vampire stories have similar plots, what new plots could happen? What would be a whole new cool idea for a vamp story?

over 8 years ago

Justin S

Justin S.

United States

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Shapeshifters, psychics, and bad-guys-gone-good are not original ideas to begin with.

0 · September 17, 2009

Lizi Z

Lizi Z.


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don't forget anne rice.

no one really thinks meyer had original ideas anyway. or an ability to write, for that matter...

0 · September 17, 2009

Becky M

Becky M.

United Kingdom

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in the words of james smith (singer, if you didnt know);
'Twilight is just pulpy softcore porn for teenage emo girls and whoever reads it is a twat.'

0 · September 17, 2009

Ellis Dee

Ellis D.


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@Lizi Z.


0 · September 17, 2009

Lila F

Lila F.

United States

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yes! thank you! i'm not the only one who thinks this.

the whole thing i think she stole is

twilight: a vampire who can read minds meets a girl who's mind he can't read, and that is the reason his interest is sparked in her. then they get in all sorts of trouble because of their relationship.

sookie stackhouse mysteries: a human who is a mind reader meets a vampire who's mind she can't read, and that's why her interest is sparked in him. and then they get in all kinds of trouble because of their relationship.

the sookie stackhouse mysteries came out just a few years before meyer published her books.

i smell a rat hahah

0 · September 17, 2009

Cougars Cougars

Cougars C.

United States

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from what I understand, stephanie meyer took existing fictional models and warped them into logically impossible, sappy characters.

0 · September 17, 2009

Rachel Milstein

Rachel M.

United States

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@Lila F.

ha exactly! And I was thinking it didnt get noticed much because the sookie stackhouse books are for adults, and the twilight ones are young adult, and thus had a huge tween following that didnt read the sookie ones because they were too mature for tweenies.

0 · September 17, 2009

Ratna Jamilla

Ratna J.


326 posts

That's hilarious :)

0 · January 28, 2010

Jane Doe

Jane D.

South Africa

448 posts

Vampire novels in and of itself has been done to death, so have the movies so obviously at a certain point there are going to be some similarities, I've read vampire diaries and in no way is it better than twilight and even if Stephane got some inspiration from other vampire novels it can't be seen as copying for the simple fact that its a brilliant book, she clearly depicted how a vampire novel is supposed to be written... Its sad that when you gain success people just want to knock you down by speculating and starting tabloid rumours instead of being happy for that person, or at least admitting that the person deserves their success. Stephane is a Capricorn from what I understand and Capricorns are not known for romanticism and twilight is a really mushy romantic story...

0 · February 24, 2010

Izabella Von der Lan

Izabella V.

United Kingdom

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Dead After Dark Vampires:

1. Are really dead.

2. Must sleep (or be dead in a dark place) during the day.

3. Their blood has healing properties for humans.

Twilight Vampires:

1. Don't ever sleep.

2. Sparkle in the sunlight.

3. Are venomous.

Twilight sounds stupid compared to Dead after dark when you put it like that ^

0 · February 24, 2010

Laura Olson

Laura O.

United States

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twilight is too hyped up. enough said.,

0 · February 24, 2010

Chris Fox

Chris F.

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Everything is stolen; nothing is new. I say that as an author. Every plotline, every character, every concept... it's all been explored. We've been rehashing ancient plots forever. One could even say the Vampire-meets-human idea is a starcrossed lover plot, and thus very Shakespearean (Romeo & Juliet), which was a rehash of previous plot ideas undeveloped by Shakespeare himself. The key about books now adays is that people have to get off their damn pedestals; writers aren't being the Christopher Columbuses of the writing world, and it's all already been done; thus, we should focus less on how similar plots and concepts are in books, and concentrate more on the intricacies of personal plots, and how one book is so unique.

Not that ANY of that was a defense of Meyers. Fifth graders write better than her.

0 · February 24, 2010

Emily Dawn

Emily D.


1966 posts

Nothing is new under the sun. Everyone is influenced by the things they have read and encountered, whether consciously or unconsciously.

0 · February 25, 2010

Bani Antoinette De Habsbourg-Lorraine

Bani Antoinette D.


252 posts

You don't need to be a genius to come up with the same ideas as those books
They aren't original at all... both have a weak overused plot

0 · March 15, 2010


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