Which Timex easy-reader color would you choose?

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Miguel Santiago

Miguel S.

United States

236 posts

I've been a sucker for cheap toy watches, I love collecting them.

I'd like to get a timex easy reader but don't know which color to choose, which one would you choose?

almost 4 years ago

Melyssa Astorga

Melyssa A.

United States

32 posts

I'd get the second one, the brown leather and silver finish will go with pretty much anything

0 · January 18, 2013

Santiago CV

Santiago C.


338 posts

I would say the gold with brown but maybe leave those colors for a nice expensive watch...but the black/black/silver looks cool.

0 · January 20, 2013

Jim Dunlop

Jim D.


524 posts

I tend to find that gold finishes tend to show wear and start to look nasty far sooner than silver finishes... But that may not be a concern for you. I don't know.

0 · January 21, 2013


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