Violin anyone?

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Amanda Kunkel

Amanda K.

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I'm not trying to spam or anything.. I hope I don't offend anyone. I have a beginner's violin I'd like to sell. I played for a few years in middle school and I always kept it because I loved it so much. I've finally realized I'm never going to play again. It's like having that ONE shirt in the back of your closet you had a deep attachment to, but finally realizing one day you can actually get rid of it. Does anyone out there play violin or want to play?! I have it posted on ebay.

Again! I'm not trying to spam or anything of the sort. I have a true appreciation of the violin and want to pass it on to others!!

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Yasmine Williams

Yasmine W.

United States

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I can play the violin and I really need a violin so bad. Just hope that it's the right size :)

0 · September 23, 2013


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