Online Shop Looking for Bloggers to Sponsor!

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Stephie V.

Stephie V.

United States

30 posts

Hello everyone!

I've recently opened my own online shop, called Lunar Deer! All the items are hand made (not counting the shirts themselves), hand printed and hand sewn.

And I'm looking for some fashion bloggers to "sponsor". Since the store just opened the 1st, I won't unleash any wild requirements, but I do have a few:
- Your blog must be reputable, meaning a steady amount of followers (Tumblr) or subscirbers (Blog Spot), as well as page views.
- If you already have sponsorships from other sites, then you're automatically in!
- You must post pictures of the gifted items within a week of them showing up to your door.
- If you like, I can provide a clickable image for you to put on your blog!

Since the items are hand-produced and not mass-produced, I'm only allowing each blogger to choose a single item from the shop. But as the shop grows, so will "care packages"!

The shop right now has five items (the spiked shorts are not included), but when all items are out, it will have around 17 items total!

If interested, please e-mail me personally at and we will set everything up from there! I will pay for shipping by the way!

Lunar Deer's Website: SHOP LUNAR

Thanks in advance!
Stephie xo

almost 4 years ago

Stephie V.

Stephie V.

United States

30 posts

@Annapaola B.

Awesome! I'll send an e-mail your way shortly!

0 · March 13, 2013

Stephie V.

Stephie V.

United States

30 posts

Taylor, Yulie, I'll send your emails shortly! Your orders will have to go out next week though since I've got my hands full for this week!

Sorry ladies xo

0 · March 15, 2013

Brittany Preiss

Brittany P.

United States

84 posts

I own two websites, the majority of my followers are on my Tumblr and I have just recently launched Ohthestyle.
Feel free to email me at
Hope to hear from you!

0 · March 15, 2013


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