Using glitter as eyeshadow?

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B.S .

B.S ..

United Kingdom

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So I've got a few partys coming up latley and I wanna go all with sequins and glitter.
I really like the idea of using normal glitter on my eyes to make them pop!
Any idea's how to get it to stick? Im not sure if theres some sort of special glue out there but I dont wanna be paying lots!
All ideas are appreciated ;D

over 8 years ago

Vintage GeeQ.

Vintage G.

United States

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You need to spray some hair spray onto your finger, then dab it onto where ever you want it, then get the glitter and dab it onto the area. It should work, I do this sometimes. :]

0 · September 24, 2009

Sylvia S

Sylvia S.


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basically, what you NEED to do is:

1 - have a good base for the eye products. moisturizer, foundation, and concealer (if you need it).
2 - apply some cream eyeshadow to your eyelids. cream eyeshadow allows product to sit on your eyes and not fall down onto your cheeks.
2 - apply the eyeshadow of your choice. you could also do any other eye techniques (ie. eyeliner)
3 - add the glitter.
4 - mascara!

be VERY careful to use glitter that is safe for your eye. dollar store craft glitter can seriously damage your eyes. Make Up For Ever and MAC make some amazing eye-glitter that is safe. but be extremely careful.

the most important step is to use a cream eyeshadow to allow any products you add to the eye to "stick". you can also use Urban Decay Eye Primer Potion, it works very well. I personally prefer cream eyeshadow, though.

Also, PAT the shadow and glitter onto your eyelid. never glide. patting the shadow onto the lid prevents it from falling onto your cheeks. trust me, it's a bitch to clean glitter off your cheeks.

0 · September 24, 2009

B.S .

B.S ..

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@Vintage G.

ohhh i saw the picture it looks really good! this seems like a nice easy method! :)

0 · September 24, 2009

Kirsty Rose

Kirsty R.

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the best way to get it to stick is fake eyelash glue... although you can't do it over your entire eyelids as your eyes will feel awful.. i suggest getting a sparkly eyedust like barry m.. then getting the glue and actual glitter in the same colour and use it in a line above and below your eyes

0 · September 24, 2009

Sophie Leigh D

Sophie Leigh D.

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i usually just put moisturiser on and then shove the giltter on
it stays on aswell

0 · September 24, 2009

Heather Louise

Heather L.

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I use glitter eyeliner all over my lids. It sticks easier.

Make sure you use cosmetic glitter and not normal craft glitter.

0 · September 24, 2009

Mia O

Mia O.


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I use eyelash glue on the lid, then pat on the glitter. The glue dries transparent, it's the eyelash glue from mac it's actually medical glue for dressings etc so it's safe !

0 · October 18, 2009

Kinnat Sóley

Kinnat S.


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i put vaseline on my lids and then put the glitter on

0 · October 18, 2009

Alice .

Alice ..

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Vaseline is the best thing for making it stick I agree!

0 · October 18, 2009


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