What to go with an ivory coloured bag...

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Sam Thorne

Sam T.

United Kingdom

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hey, just bought an ivory coloured fred perry bag the other day, absolutely beautiful and at a fair price too.
However i have a lot of blacks and greys, and i was wondering what colour boots/shoes i could get to compliment it, and also coats.
I'm at a bit of a block here with it, so any help would be much appreciated.
Thanks x

over 5 years ago

Marin Monroe .

Marin Monroe ..

United Kingdom

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well black always works.
I'd steer clear of pure white because it'll just make the ivory look discoloured in most instances.

A bright blue can work with it, as can red.
And if the bag has any metal detail in gold or silver, match the shoes to that maybe?

0 · October 5, 2009

Sam Thorne

Sam T.

United Kingdom

47 posts

@Marin Monroe ..

it does have a little silver on it, thats something to think about.
And white was a nono from the start.
I might go for an all black look with the bag so it will really stand out.
Thanks for your help :)

0 · October 5, 2009


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