The 1970's in new york,some of you must be able to help!

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Abigail Dawes

Abigail D.

United Kingdom

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I have this art project where we have to create a menu.
My menu has to be for a diner opening nextdoor to CBGB'S in Manhatten in 1975!

I know all about CBGB'S,but nothing about what kind of food they ate,what there graphics were like,what was going on then?
So can anyone help because google is rubbish!

over 8 years ago

Ellis Dee

Ellis D.


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I wouldn't know these things either, but I do know that 1975 is part of that period in NYC refered to as 'B.C.' or 'Before Crack', it was a time when families still functioned as units and before a time when the ravages of crystalized coca extract fucked up a whole generation of people.

0 · October 22, 2009

Johanna R

Johanna R.


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i had an presentation bout the 70s yesterday. i found out that the hippies lasted until 1977 then the punk rock thing began, so yeah i think either something vegetarian, hippie-ish or fast food stuff which would suit the punk rock scene. all my information is from google so i'm not sure about it..maybe you can pick all the good information out of all the comments..

0 · October 22, 2009

Abigail Dawes

Abigail D.

United Kingdom

169 posts

Thanks people,you have helped quite abit :)

0 · October 22, 2009


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