When did you start caring about your look?

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Miguel Santiago

Miguel S.

United States

236 posts

in my case, i used to not give a shit about how i look. but, come 6th grade i developed a crush on someone, and i realized i NEEDED to give a damn from then on.

LAME lol

care to share your 'fashion' history? im interested :)

over 9 years ago

Karissa M.

Karissa M.


120 posts

When I was younger, I was, you could say, into fashion(little kid stuff you know). However, my parents always chose what I wore when I went to family birthdays and stuff. In grade 8, I wore stuff similar to other people. BUT, the summer after grade 8 had just ended, I went to Toronto, Canada, and bought my first skinny jeans(my older cousin told me to get them because he was really into those kinds of jeans but for guys). While I was there, I realized that my cousins had completely different styles(girly, skimpy ish tank tops, not my scene). I was into baggy ish clothes and discovered my parents' old clothes from their closet. Since then, I've discovered different styles. I hate looking like everyone else at my school, most people wear trends that they see from celebs or other people. There you go.

0 · June 5, 2009

Subrina Mohr

Subrina M.

United States

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I would have to say that I have always cared how I looked wheather I was pretending not to give a shit or not. I know my mom told me that even as an infant I would cry untill she put the right jumper and tights on me. hahahah. I've always been into "fashion" or my interpretaion of it.. Though I do admit that I didnt always to it right. Even as a tiny six year old my parents thought it was important that i have the freedom to express myself and if they didnt then there would be a HUGE problem haha. So I was the little girl who obvioulsy did my own hair because it was a mess, my clothes never matched my tights, and i wore super tacky vests with EVERYTHING. hahahhaha.
But most of middle school all i really tried to do was fit in, which in high school i learned was like the worste thing i could have done! and once in high school no one else really understood anything but flares, polos, and skate shoes...oh and scene. and i was different..all i wore were dresses and sweaters. people would tell me all the time of other girls who would come to school with an almost identical outfit as the one i wore a week prior. or when i accidentally dyed my hair orange then decided i liked it..people actually did that too! it was ridiculous!

0 · June 5, 2009

Christian Amazing

Christian A.

United States

15 posts

About 6th grade, but it was like tacky and oversized clothing that i will never wear again! Lols

0 · June 5, 2009

Sophie D.

Sophie D.

United Kingdom

506 posts

I think since I was about...maybe 8 or 9. Obviously it's developed a whole lot since then, but the basics started then.

0 · June 5, 2009

Isabella L

Isabella L.


18 posts

I started to notice fashion at around age 14. When I look back now and see the clothes I use to wear...oh lordy.

0 · June 5, 2009


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