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ASK LB: Do you have Tumblr? sticky

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Jason Su

Jason S.

United States

100 posts

i just made a tumblr after seeing how cool their community has become.

do you have a tumblr? if not sign up at and share yours here.

also, what are some good tumblogs to follow?

here's a place to start:

almost 6 years ago

Sarah Mac

Sarah M.


3 posts

visit mine!! :D follow for follw

0 · 11 days ago

Sarah Pusteblume

Sarah P.


58 posts

Got a tumblr too, though it's not all about fashion. There's art, series, nature, but also fashion :)

One of the tumblrs I really love is
The owner posts fashion designs (i.e. from fashion weeks, by Ellie Saab or Gaultier) and relates them to characters of the "Game of Thrones"-Saga (the books mostly, but there are also some pictures of the HBO-series). It's really beautiful to look at - even if one hasn't read the books, most names do not sound that familiar ;)

0 · 7 days ago

Ridhi Devsi

Ridhi D.


21 posts :)

0 · 7 days ago

Jennifer M

Jennifer M.


2 posts :)

0 · 6 days ago


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