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Sam Thorne

Sam T.

United Kingdom

47 posts

I have just discovered this amazing shoes, but cant think off the top of my head what bottoms or trousers would compliment such a fine shoe, also which colours :)
the shoes are a delightful light brown.
i only say this as i think they deserve something a little more than my everyday skinny jeans

over 5 years ago

Kat Rich

Kat R.


289 posts

yea the link above's really cool
for everyday skinnies do the job but for sepcial occasions definatelly like that pic above

0 · October 28, 2009

Ruth O'Reilly

Ruth O.


143 posts

i wore mine like this although it's a very masculine :

0 · October 30, 2009

Drew Dawson

Drew D.


21 posts

i i wish i had more, i want a grey pair so bad !
I havent found anything brogues dont go with

0 · November 4, 2009

Francis Y

Francis Y.

United Kingdom

2043 posts

Black skinnies.

I've just got these black/dark red patent brogues. Amazing.

0 · November 4, 2009

.. .

.. ..

United Kingdom

417 posts

These are one of the most versatile shoes that you can get!
Like you say, skinny dark denim is a good match. I hope to get a similar pair of shoes very soon.

To be a bit more adventurous, a light brown or tan shoe would look really good with a pair of grey wool flannel trousers. The flecked soft texture of this cloth will give it a less formal look, and if it is a heavier weight cloth, you will find that they are comparable to jeans in keeping their shape.

Failing that, a pair of wide legged tweed trousers in a subtle checked wool would do the job equally well. You may find a great pair thrifting.

Other colours that I would put with that for a top? Pale blue, lavender/lilac.

If ever you tire of the colour you can play around with different polish to get a more antique or burnished look.
Polish them as normal with tan leather shoe cream.
Next use black or very dark brown shoe cream on the toes and heel. You will need to polish quite vigorously, but the end result will be a subtle darkening of the leather over time.

I think you would get some wonderful style inspiration if you watch either Gosford Park and Brideshead Revisited. They are great films, but they are wonderful sources of classical English rural styling!

Hope that gives you some ideas to get started with.

0 · November 4, 2009

Sam Thorne

Sam T.

United Kingdom

47 posts

wow thanks a lot Michael, and thanks for taking the time to type all of that :)
and thanks everyone for there thoughts on this.

0 · November 4, 2009

John S

John S.

United Kingdom

360 posts

Yeah, going for the 'traditional' English look really works, particularly if you add some kind of modern twist... smart trousers or even a suit can work, and there are ways to dress it up or down. I personally like them with shorts and a cricket top, but that's more a spring/summer look. And as everyone else has said, dark denim slim fit jeans do really work...

0 · November 4, 2009

Gordey  N

Gordey N.

United States

156 posts

They look best with jeans, cords, or wool trousers.

0 · November 4, 2009

Jennine Jacob

Jennine J.

United States

79 posts

i basically wear them with everything.

0 · November 5, 2009

C *

C *.

United Kingdom

31 posts

i think they look good with most things, for me it usually tight fitting trousers, dresses or skirts. but i loveloveLOVE them with ankle skimming trousers.

0 · November 6, 2009


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