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Guys in Skin Tight Jeans

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Sam Thorne

Sam T.

United Kingdom

47 posts

finally, i have found a pair of jeans that are skin tight, even for some of with tiny legs like me.
They even need zips on so you can get your feet in.
But what do you guys think of guys in skin tight jeans?
And not just super skinny guys like me, but fat guys, muscly guys,medium build guys.
I want your views

over 5 years ago

Aya Ng

Aya N.


317 posts

love it!
if you could carry it well, then it works!


0 · December 6, 2009

Luke Wheeler

Luke W.

United Kingdom

7 posts

I used to love wearing skin tight skinnies, now I prefer slightly less tight ones that are still skinny, but have a good bit of sag to them. I still think skinnies are by far the best looking jeans on almost any person.

0 · December 6, 2009

Jake Freeze

Jake F.

United States

58 posts

Skinny jeans that show a tiny bit of bulge is seriously such a hot look that only a guy can do.

0 · December 7, 2009

Tahti Syrjala

Tahti S.


517 posts

Don't like it, but then again I don't like jeans.

0 · December 7, 2009

Abbie J

Abbie J.

United Kingdom

65 posts

yum i love skin tight jeans on boys
im not sure they would look right on fat or muscely guys thoooox

0 · December 7, 2009

Emily L

Emily L.

United Kingdom

388 posts

looks good if you dont have the ridiculous hair and look on your face that seems to match.

0 · December 7, 2009

Light Yagami

Light Y.


385 posts

I love skinny jeans on guys!

0 · December 7, 2009

Spencer E

Spencer E.


873 posts

i love my skinnies .. however not skiiin tight ... they must have a lil slackage ...DUDES STOP BUYING WOMENS JEANS FOR FUCK SAKES IF YOU CAN BARELY GET IT OVER YOUR ASS WHY ARE YOU PURCHASING THEM?????

0 · December 8, 2009

Gary Livingston

Gary L.

United States

156 posts

I can't wear them. If I can manage to be able to walk around in comfort wearing them it is over as soon as I take a seat. Sitting down makes it feel like my balls are going to explode.

The last time I tried a pair on when a lady friend suggested I should, I swear it felt like one of them slipped back up inside of me. They're no good.

0 · December 8, 2009

Gunnar Saxon

Gunnar S.

United States

162 posts

I myself love skinnies, and as tight as I can get them. But, you also must consider that I'm 6'2 and muscularly built. My "skinnies" would probably be relaxed on most guys who pull them off. I myself think I have the legs to pull them off, but it's up to everyone's personal view.

1 · December 8, 2009


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