Fashion Merchandising and Marketing

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Garrett N

Garrett N.


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Ok so lately I've been seriously thinking about taking a course in fashion merchandising/marketing and I'm having a hard time deciding on schools in Canada.
I was thinking either the Art Insitute of Vancouver, Blanche Macdonald or VCAD (Vancouver College of Art and Design)

Also...with merchandising I understand it has a lot to do with numbers, I'm not all that great with math but I'm more interested in the marketing aspect of it anyways. So should I still take it?

Right now I'm taking graphic design and I want to one day use both to compliment each for a career in the fashion industry.

Anyways...let me know your thoughts

over 8 years ago

Zoe Clyde

Zoe C.


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My god-sister got her Fashion Marketing diploma from the Art Institute of Vancouver. I think she's going into health care now.

0 · December 4, 2009

Garrett N

Garrett N.


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@Zoe C. thats not good then

0 · December 4, 2009

Tamara G

Tamara G.

United States

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merchandising is probably better for you, im getting the same diploma!
both will require math skills so you don't really get out of it easy it kind of depends on where you want to go with the degree as well.

0 · December 4, 2009

Demetrious Peterson

Demetrious P.

United States

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im transfering to F.I .T. For fall 2010 for that major ! Or parsons !

0 · December 18, 2009


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