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Dani Oliver

by Dani O., 22 year old girl from Cardiff, United Kingdom

Dani Oliver

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Weronika F.
amazing profile <3 thank you for inspiring me
Allie Finch
Thank you so much for fanning! ^.^ <3
Aspasia Margarita
thanks a lot for the hypes! :)
Stéphane G-D
I used to live in Monmouth- maybe?
Charlotte Clothier
woah what a coinsidence that i found you and i know you YOUR from my school :P woahhh i just browsed for school uniform and i found that pic of u in the canteen hall :P woooo some one i know who has lookbook YAY btw great styles :P
Ell F
hmm i'mma try again.
mainly to hype people.
people such as yourself.
Kate G
THANKYOU greatly for your compliments and your pink-heart-thingy and your niceness :D
Holly E
thankyouuu :D x
Holly E
haha, touche! :) x
Pablo Vanished
love your style

Cat B
Frees are fun.
In a sorta, not so fun way.
Depressing story for english homework is so boring.
Could be worse, I guess. I so totally rock at writing stories. 8-)
I like it that this isn't filtered though.
If they do, I'll argue it's educatioal.
Cat B
Lookbook isn't filtered at school
dani dani dani dani dani dani daaaaaaaaaaaaaniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!!!
Lookbook works at school
Did you know I'm in an English lesson and on lookbook?
Go me, I'm SUCH a rebel. =D
Which one?? the one i made in school or the one i actually wore and dnt say one made i made them both tehe
btw ur pcs with the haze over them r wkd x
Holly E
thanks! =D but, pshhh, at least yours actually fits! haha, mine's like, a size too big? i have to keep hoiking it up (:
Cat B
Your photos are lovely dear.
I do love your sress sense :)
Holly E
thankyou! :D
and, god, i know. i also really wanna take sociology :( but there's just not room!
i think i might find myself dropping classics/philosophy at some point during those first two weeks xx
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