Episode 5: Fashion Blog

At the urging of Cleo, Hannah decides to go against type and incorporate a little elegance into her next shoot. Things get tense with Mark when Hannah suddenly decides to take a stronger hand with how she is shot. She is “the star” after all. Back at home, Hannah continues her regimen of “supplements” to keep her slim body shape, but her brother Tony can tell that something is not right.

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LOOKBOOK: The Series explores the creative and intimate relationship between a fashion blogger and her photographer using a dramatic urban fairytale told through the canvas of LOOKBOOK and the L.A. fashion scene.

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David Larry
Who the hell drinks water OUT THE TAP????!!!!!
Hilari S
no one from LA that's for sure, unless you want to get a disease
Karen Nguyen
good morning, I like the idea, so reality.
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Mark Manaois
the heck?!... she got so mean that quick!? ...
reply ·
Kalyne Nóbrega
Hannah supposed to be the good girl? She seems so selfish. Poor Mark.
reply ·
Estefania Garza
the real bitch is hanna
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Thesa Tagalog
WHY IS EACH EPISODE SO SO SHORT FOR ME XD AHAHAHA . I'm getting addicted to this series :)))
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Lila S
it's one thing for Cleo to be manipulative and another for Hannah to be rude to Mark just b/c of some little thing Cleo tells her. So Hannah is selfish too. However her brother is mean & says what most family & friends say to fashion bloggers starting out, eg. it's not a real job, u can't make a living, etc...

Great acting on all sides! at least i'm into it & seems real enough.
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DeeDee O
Shit just got real!
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Tina Booboo Tshangela
i loved hannah's look though
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