Nature Inspired

ft. Theresa Fryer & Elle-May Leckenby

Join Aussie Lookbookers Elle-May Leckenby and Theresa Fryer as they take you along on their spur-of-the-moment journey across the beautiful landscapes of New Zealand. Merging together a love of nature and fashion, they created a visual collage of breathtaking imagery from their experiences and memories. Be warned--watching this video is sure to inspire you to take your own spontaneous adventures, or at least stir up that longing for the open road!

Elle-May on her trip: "The purpose of this trip was solely for us to get fresh inspiration. At the time we decided to go, we were both studying at college (myself, photography, and my friend Theresa, Video Production). We both had a ton of ideas we wanted to execute but didn't have the freedom of time and landscapes to shoot in. We were both getting tired of the busy-ness of life in the city and needed to clear our heads. We had been talking about doing [the trip] for a very long time. Our restlessness got the better of us and we just did it out of spontaneity.

The whole time there we were blown away, There were the most surreal, beautiful landscapes all of us had ever experienced. We took days out just hiking with our cameras and spending time amongst nature. We stayed in different batches all around the South Island and also stayed with relatives, in attics and beside fireplaces! It was cool to just forget about everything and slow down our days. We still talk about how amazing doing this was every time we hang out!"

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What is the song?
Lara Ann Allison
Lovely. <3
Would love to see more videos like this!!
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Rhea Monding
<3 nice .
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The Indie Girl Fleming
Love these two! Great collaberation xoxoxox
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Heloise Lin
Cool trip!
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Valfenda M
Didn´t liked it...this context is way confusing..there´s not much about fashion (ok, conncept) but what about the flood images and the guy hunting..The girls are great but, this time only the music catches.
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Kali phan Phan
Verry nice
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Hayley Mitchell-Gardner
Great video! I hope you do more stuff like this but, with more lookbookers! Lookbook has done quite a bit with Elle-May. Not saying i dont like her, but it would be nice to see the creativity of more than just one person... Maybe do a series with different lookbookers on their other hobbies that arent fashion. Just a suggestion :)
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