Episode 3: Shrouded Path

At Mark’s urging, Hannah attends her first blogger party and gets a taste for all the perks that can come along with being the new “it girl”. When Cleo invites her to do lunch sometime, Hannah is in heaven. But why can nobody know about it? Are Cleo’s motives really pure of heart?

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LOOKBOOK: The Series explores the creative and intimate relationship between a fashion blogger and her photographer using a dramatic urban fairytale told through the canvas of LOOKBOOK and the L.A. fashion scene.

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Jasmin Ann
I can't help staring at Cleo's face and neck.. Someone forgotten to put foundation on her neck.. lol! Hannah looks gorgeous!
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Epp K
So cheesy and funny ... :D I just realized that these past 3 series all Cleo has done is bitching and picking clothes ... :D So random!
Nana Sam
lololol now that you are pointing this out, it is actually true ! but wait, she said she has many weapons hahahaha I guess '' bitching and picking clothes '' are part of them lol
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Jenise Spiteri
Hanna had lipstick all over her teeth at 4:20. I thought it was part of the plot and she was going to get super embarrassed by it, but after a couple shots it just disappeared.
Julia C.
just wanted to write the same :D glad someone already noticed:D
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Courtney Hall
I can't stand this and I love this all at the same time someone help me
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Jessica Devina
really wish lookbook have that kind of party!
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Chavela Tanesia
Loving the way Hannah dresses up. Its simply elegant omg and when it comes to da party. BOMB!
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May Neym
lipstick on hanna's teeth!
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Liza LaBoheme
Did anyone notice that according to her description on lookbook Cleo is 25 in the first episode and 23 in this episode?
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Milahn Olivia
hey guys i think lookbook should post a video of halloween clothes and others
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